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121 Don’t make Nigeria Akeldama - The Field of Blood
The money needed to develop Nigeria is constantly and continuously used to buy the field of blood!
122 How do we find our purpose?
Your purpose is the problem you are created to solve. Myles Munroe said there are five questions every person that desires to be successful must answer- Who am I? -Identity. Where am I from? -Source....
123 April: My Month of Understanding Purpose
It is with great delight that I welcome you to the month of April, our month of understanding purpose. Purpose of life is a mystery, it takes grace, skill, determination and God's navigational tools to locate it.
124 Allow God to build you
The story was told of some people who wanted to clone human beings to show that they are smarter than God and can be like God. They were asked so, what will you use to build these new human beings?
125 Unity of purpose
The major effect of disunity in the church is that we turn potential believers away. Scarcely can you hear a sermon without the minister condemning, disparaging the other church.
126 Humans are more valuable than cows!
Nigerians are known all over the world as highly intelligent, resourceful, educated, tolerant and highly formidable people. It will be a shame on all of us if we disintegrate just because we cannot handle cows.
127 My month of no more limitations
If you have been married for years and remain childless, that is a limitation. If a Sister is stagnated as spinster and no man is asking for her hand in marriage despite her pedigree, that is a limitation.
128 Deal with your pride!
The Holy Spirit is warning you about how you conduct and display your worth so that it does not bring shame, reproach and disgrace to you. Why must you jettison pride? ... It is from Satan.
129 Unusual Parenting
They saw God has given them an “unusual” child. Another version says - “no ordinary,” ”beautiful,” “proper child” and more. What the Holy Spirit is saying is that you are not just a vehicle to bring forth a child to this world, you are the authorized...
130 Labourers Are Needed Part 2 (Prayer points for the right labourers)
Labourers who know that all things work together for good to those who love God and to those who are called according to His purpose.

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