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121 Why is OBJ desperate?
President Obasanjo is by all means entitled to his own opinion, like every Nigerian, on the issue of the coming elections. But in my mind OBJ seems to think everybody must bow to his own opinion. I call that manipulation and desperation.
122 Dwelling in His Presence
Technically and biblically every one lives in Godís presence, because God is omnipresence, he is everywhere, meaning He is present at all times and in all places, whether you believe in God or not does not change that fact, every one breaths air.
123 Prophecies for 2019: My Year of Dwelling in His Presence
The Lord says 2019 is our year of dwelling in His presence.... Prophecies Concerning Nigeria • Prophecies concerning Canada
124 Ten ways to serve your generation (Rescued for what?)
We are short changing ourselves by just carrying the bible and not being involved in governance.
125 How are you living your Christian life?
The whole first chapter of the Epistle of Paul to Titus was about how the Mentor - Paul wanted his Mentee, Titus, to live the Christian life.
126 My month of preparing for the coming of the Lord
I had an encounter about the coming of the Lord that never left me. In 1981, I was posted to Lagos for my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). I served at Lever Brothers, located at Apapa Wharf sub area of Lagos State.
127 My Month of Re-positioning myself -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Before repositioning there must be positioning. To position is to put or arrange (someone or something) in a particular place or way. Therefore, repositioning presupposes that where that person or material is placed is not the best position.
128 Kogi 2019: Will Yahaya Bello return as governor? The origin of curses in human life -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Many souls aren't aware that they are suffering from undiagnosed curses. Some born-again Christians are completely ignorant that their problems are located in unknown curses.
129 Purify yourself! -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Jesus is saying to you today purify yourself of that ungodly ambition, that suicidal thought, those evil thoughts and evil concupiscence, that anger, all those things that defile you and defile His church.
130 September - My month of walking in love -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Love the word that is cherished, desired by all but is so difficult to give by us. Yes, love the word that is preached daily in sermons but less practiced by the preachers and the parishioners.

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