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11 Biblical principles for long life
I watched a video clip of a supposedly wise old man, he was asking if heaven is better place, as Christians claim, why don’t they die now and leave immediately?
12 How do you treat Men/Women of God?
We are in a time and age where entertainment, comedy and jesting pokes fun at minsters and derides the church with impunity. This is absurd.
13 Who is your business partner?
The importance of choosing a right partner? Jehoshaphat failed to use a good business partner and lost all his investment on his shipping business.
14 The characteristics of a good Judge.
In our generation, with a well-developed judiciary system, a lot of power is invested in the judiciary branch.
15 Our Month of Building the House of God.
The spiritual house of God is more important than the physical.
16 Prepare for wither season! (Witherism Syndrome)
Men with all the glamour, their political will and position, ... are like grass that withers.
17 What are you doing for God?
We are in a generation that is driven by the possibility of receiving blessings from the Lord and not driven by responsibility.
18 My Month of Walking in Dominion
It means taking your stand as a child of God and realizing what you can do in Christ. You are no longer operating based on your own limitations....
19 What is the accusation against you?
This is the general pattern of accusations against our spiritual forefathers - Jesus, Stephen, Peter, Paul - all of them were accused of lifting up the name of Jesus!
20 How do you respond to people’s demand?
Does it not sound unbelievable, that ten tribes out of twelve will come to ask you to “reduce our burden and we shall serve you“ and you will say no!

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