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101 How do you respond to people’s demand?
Does it not sound unbelievable, that ten tribes out of twelve will come to ask you to “reduce our burden and we shall serve you “and you will say no!?
102 Our Month of Evangelism
The work of evangelism a.k.a. soul winning is a serious job. Soul is important to God, Satan and of course to you the owner and humanity at large.
103 The Quality, Quantity & The Motive of Giving - A Case Study of David Jesse
What the Holy Spirit will want us to learn today is that the quality, quantity and motive of your giving determines the quality, quantity of your receiving and life.
104 The power of Asking (Part 2)
For every promise of God there is a condition to be met to possess it.
105 The power of Asking (Part 1)
What is going on between you and your parents causing crisis and commotion, leading to bitterness and rancour? They may not have the power to correct it. Ask God to help you out, instead of that quarrel, bitterness or envy....
106 Stop Sinning!
Sin has many consequences, immediate and futuristic, earthly and eternally. Sin is dangerous and toxic to you and all around you. Sin irritates God.
107 What the Holy Spirit taught me this morning
What about you? I know you have great, if not greater, testimonies of God’s divine provision.
108 Nigeriaworld -- Who is looking for a Saint in the Nigerian Public Service? Not even Nuhu Ribadu
Assembling seven Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs), to defend him is a pointer to guilt. Atiku, taking the hard line that Babangida and Buhari took not appearing at the Oputa Panel, is a way of admitting guilt. If he knows that he is innocent, all he has...
109 What are you doing with your seed? (Part 2)
Ask yourself how have you allowed worries to destroy you. How have you allowed the pursuit of wealth to destroy your faith in God. How have your desires of material things destroyed your heavenly goals.
110 What are you doing with your seed?
The Holy Spirit is saying when you are given an opportunity and you fail to utilize it you abuse the seed. You waste the seed. Giving an excuse of Satan taking away your seed does not solve the problem.

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