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101 Jesus - The Healer is in the House!
Wherever Jesus went two sets of parties are provoked for different reasons. One is healing, peace, joy, deliverance, celebration and liberty to name a few for those who believe in him as Lord and saviour. The other is hate, anger, frustration, jealousy and...
102 Where is your Nathanael?
Nathanael means ‘God has given’ or ‘Gift of God.’ Philip means ‘friend’ or ‘lover’(philos)of horses (hippos). Put together Philip loves Nathanael the gift of God! The bible says - Philip went to look for Nathaneal, take note of the phrase ‘went to look’...
103 Deal with your Anger!
Many of us even pray in anger. Or how do you explain the type of “fall and die” prayers of our generation! Because someone stole your one hundred dollars phone you say “whoever stole my phone shall not wake up tomorrow”! Is the life of someone equivalent...
104 My Month of Understanding Money Matters
Those who study numbers say the Number 8 stands for New Beginnings. New beginning means starting afresh or anew. It means going back to the basics. So this month I will like us to look afresh into money matters.
105 How to Lose Paradise (A Case Study of Adam & Eve)
Ponder on this and remain in paradise on earth to gain entrance to paradise in heaven.
106 In defence of the Vice President of Nigeria - Professor Yemi Osinbajo
I am not writing to seek his favour in any way. I am writing this article because I am concerned about how members of the body of Christ as well as some members of the Yoruba community have and continue to criticize, vilify, abuse, cursing and say terrible...
107 Topic: Learn to endure!
When you are arrested! When you are provoked. When you are molested, hated, betrayed etc, Jesus says endure to the end. ... What the Holy Spirit is saying today is accept reality of challenges within relations, parents and children, spouses, colleagues,...
108 My Month of Divine Intervention
For God to intervene in your matter there are three things you need to know. God can tell you to do nothing about the predicament, because you cannot do anything about it within your capacity, like the parting of the Red Sea, he just told them to be...
109 Pay your taxes, too
I will never forget my shock at my first time of filling tax forms at our NNPC Warri Head Office more than three decades ago. Let me recall the event below as my memory will permit.
110 My Month of Building My Home (Part 2)
We all have a home, the only difference is in functionality or dysfunctionality. But we all are products of one home or the other. As they say; the way the family goes the society follows suit. In other words, the society is a reflection of our homes.

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