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1 NigeriaWorld -- All About Nigeria
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 Donít let man despise your youth. (Part 2)
Our saviour Jesus Christ died and saved the world from sin at the age of 33. At 26 Joseph Ayo Babalola raised the dead.
3 Donít let anyone despise your youth (Part 1)
If you do not allow people to despise your youth, you are immovable.
4 September - My month of making my youthful days count!
At 24 Benson Idahosa raised the dead. At 32 General Yakubu Gowon was the Head of State in Nigeria.
5 What the Holy Spirt taught me this morning
The story of Haman and the gallows is common. The lessons to learn from it are many, complex, probably unending.
6 How will God describe you?
He called Moses the meekest man on earth - He called David - A man after his heart - He called Jesus His begotten Son, in whom He is well pleased. he calls Job a man of integrity!
7 Leadership and Governance lessons from Nehemiah!
Nehemiah shared his vision with the leaders and gained their support, emphasizing the value of effective communication and collaboration. Neh 2:18.
8 What is living faith? - Abraham as case study
Jf there is dead faith according to James from the Bible quote reference above, there must be living faith....
9 Who are you speaking for?
... human beings and nature all find a means to express themselves. The critical issue is what are we saying, who are we speaking to and who are we speaking for?
10 Five things you need in the journey of life
1. Hear- There are things you must hear before you get to where you are going in life.- Call it information Ėthis you must have- ....

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