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91 Shine your eyes!
Some time ago when the weather was extra-ordinarily hot, it was reported that it was bacause a Nigerian died, from the country's suffocating agony, entered hell and forgot to close the door.
92 THE IDENTICAL TWINS: Obiagalu and Obiageli
It is now farming season. Everybody should go out to clear the land and till it. Then seeds are planted. Obiagalu must work with all her strength. Obiageli should unfailingly assist her. During the time of enjoyment Obiageli should not forget Obiagalu.
93 Open and compassionate Letter to God
Righteous God, you commanded us not to kill. ... The Boko Haram terrorists, the bloody Fulani herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers, known and unknown gunmen are slaughtering your children like fowls on daily basis.
94 At Owner's Risk
A few years ago, I was driving to a remote town. I came to a lonely road surrounded by thick forests left and right. At a spot I saw a small sign-post with the image of a human skull without words to express its meaning
95 Nigerian reckless drivers
A reckless driver is a calamity. Few years ago, I traveled from Awka to Abuja on public transport. It was a mini-bus. The driver was so reckless and drove without hope of tomorrow. Severally we, the passengers, shouted at him to slow down and to drive with...
96 Nigeria is bleeding
The Federal Government, led by President Buhari, is handling the bleeding with kid's glove. Some of the bleeding culprits are canonized while some are treated harshly.
97 The Fear of the unknown
A certain couple was sleeping with their four children in their 3-bedroom flat ... a fortnight ago. After midnight, a wall gecko fell on the head of the mother of four. She screamed and shouted, "Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!
98 2021: Happy or Sad Easter?
In my primary two, our class teacher asked us to give the comparative tenses of good and bad. The intelligent ones wrote: good, better and best; bad, worse and worst. The unintelligent ones among us wrote: good, goodder and gooddest; bad, badder and...
99 The Easter Eggs
A little child of four years told me few hours ago that her mother lays eggs because she spends a long time every day in the bedroom.
100 News -- ANAMBRA 2021: Intrigues as billionaires, philanthropists go to war
HEADLINE | Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2021 ANAMBRA 2021: Intrigues as billionaires, philanthropists go to war By Clifford Ndujihe & Vincent Ujumadu THE Anambra State 2021 governorship election is exactly 220 days away but it is as if the November 6...

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