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81 Necessary Evil
The love they had for each other died a sudden death. Initially the husband called the wife 'My Baby.' The wife used to call him 'Sweet Honey'. Today the Baby is dead. The Sweet Honey has turned into Bitterness. The husband now calls his wife Monkey, [Even...
82 All is not well
About two years ago, a promising young medical doctor known as Allwell was sitting comfortably at the back of his luxurious jeep driven by his driver. .. At the second Mainland Bridge, he instructed his driver to stop. ... Surprisingly, Dr Allwell opened...
83 Can I kill myself?
Making a serious moral or physical mistake can lead one take his life. No one is above mistake. There is always a way forward. Judas made a moral mistake by betraying Jesus Christ. He could not bear it. He ended up hanging himself. Peter made the same...
84 Transition to Glory or to Shame
Two weeks ago, I was driving along a busy road. My phone rang. I slowed down and picked it. I heard the voice of a lady saying, 'Hello!' I replied, 'Yes! Good day. Please who is speaking?' She told me her name. It was a familiar person. I asked her to call...
85 Network Problem
A certain couple was engaged in daily nagging and fighting. One day the wife went to market and bought a strong fishing net. It happened that the husband was coming with venom to beat sense out of his lawfully married wife. The wife cast the net over him...
86 Tufiakwa!
I couldn't believe it. I thought it was a film trick. But it dawned to be a reality. It is a terrible curse when an Igbo man or woman tells you, "Rie nsi." Rie means Eat. Nsi is excreta. The last letter 'i' has a dot under it.
87 The Evil Masquerades
Anyone wearing a mask or disguising the face is known as a masquerade. Many women today have turned into masquerades by painting their faces in divergent colours, putting artificial long eyelashes, attaching artificial hairs and wearing strange dresses.
88 Do not despair!
An amusing and hopeless incidence happened on this year's Good Friday in a town in Oyo state. It was during the solemn dramatic act of the Way of the Cross. An energetic young Christian man volunteered to act as Jesus Christ.
89 "Give us this day our daily bread"
A certain anxious and pious man met me at the church exit door and asked me, 'Father, is God a baker? Why do we ask him for bread only? Does he not have meat, eggs, tea, beer, malt, milk, rice, beans, fruits, and so on? If we continue to ask him for loaves...
90 Do or Die
Few years ago, I visited a friend in a certain town. He was studying in one of the Higher Institutions in the country. He rented a room in the town. I had an urgent message for him. Therefore I decided to visit him in person to deliver the message. Before...

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