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81 The heavenly Race
I want to continue to work as the headmaster of your private school, if I am considered. In fact, I am still full of bombastic energy.
82 Courage in times of turbulence
I died and resurrected the first time I traveled by air. Before then I have been hearing that travelling by air is the safest means of transport.
83 Take time to rest
The difficult thing I could not discern by myself and through research was the type of rest God had on that seventh day. Did he sleep?
84 Shooting oneself in the foot
The ruling party members stayed behind and voted against electronic transmission of election results. Millions of Nigerian electorates want electronic transmission of results in order to avoid rigging at the collation centers.
85 Mobile Phone Atrocities
So many users have become ardent liars. You can visit someone at his or her home for some exigencies. You stand at the door and call his or her line. He or she will respond from the other end that he or she is not at home.
86 Had I known!
As rational beings, created in the image and likeness of God, we must think before we act. Action follows deliberation; not vice versa. I still remember the Motto of Young Christian Students (YCS), which says, 'See, Judge and Act' (SJA).
87 About to die
A certain casual driver caused commotion few days ago along a busy traffic road by placing a frightening bold tag over his front and rear plate number, which reads: 'About to die.' Serious pandemonium broke out.
88 Sense or Nonsense?
As I was taking my routine fitness walk few days ago, I accidentally came across enraged husband and wife exchanging verbal ballistic missiles.
89 Watch your back
Some days ago, a young half illiterate young man came into my office in tears. I offered him a seat and asked him to wipe away his tears. Then, I enquired from him what was amiss.
90 The Virus of Madness our country Nigeria. They include coronavirus, hunger virus, anger virus, terrorism virus, herdsmen virus, bandit virus, kidnapping virus, insecurity virus, known and unknown gunmen virus, nepotism virus, lopsided appointment virus, bad leadership...

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