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71 Double Ration
Few days ago, I was taking my normal evening therapeutic walk along a village path. At a bushy bend, I saw a middle-aged huge man coming opposite me. His seize was abnormal.
72 Excellent, Weak Pass & Woeful Failure
During my childhood days, a child's school age is determined when one's palm touches one of the ears from above the head. If you are a child that is cheated by nature, it would take you more years to begin school.
73 The Flying Atheist
Once upon a time, an atheist boarded a flight from Scotland to Switzerland. While on the air, the atheist was preaching and convincing the passengers around his seat that there is no God. God being everywhere heard what he said. After an hour in the...
74 Talk and Do
Few days ago, I was behind my four wheels heading to Enugu through the old road. Two kilometers after the Four-Corner junction, my eyes rammed at a bill-board with this inscription: 'The God of Talk and Do Gospel Ministry.'
75 Oh God, why?
Two weeks ago, a middle-aged man left his residence in Lagos and was heading to an unknown destination. An eyewitness saw him walking towards the Third Mainland Bridge. His mind was full of nagging problems. He married a troublesome wife with whom he has...
76 The questionable integrity of a President
The writing of this article was partly provoked by Mr. Yahaya Balogun's piece, as published by Nigeriaworld, titled, 'Yes, Mr. Integrity And His Adversaries...!!!', in which he exalted President Muhammadu Buhari as Integrity personified.
77 Are you mad? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
A forth night ago, I disguised myself as a layman and went into a market to purchase my personal needs. I passed through the gent's wears to make a choice. There was a particular advert male statue dressed in English suit and stationed conspicuously on a...
78 My beloved Emmanuel -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Beloved Emmanuel, you blessed our country Nigeria with rich human and natural resources, yet we are dying of hunger and hardship. The present fuel scarcity has crippled this year's Christmas celebration. The motorists now do their Christmas Carol at petrol...
79 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Merry Christmas & Fruitful New Year 2017
Christmas celebration brings the Lunar Calendar Year to an end. Thus we say goodbye to the year 2016 on 31st December night. It is a transition night from old year to a new year. We are grateful to God for the gift of life. Without God we can do nothing.
80 NigeriaWorld Writers (Fr Pat Amobi Chukwuma)

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