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71 Time for Correction
A good teacher after marking the scripts does the correction for the good of all. This helps a lot so that one cannot fail the same questions again in future tests or examination. ... By doing the correction and going through it from time to time, one...
72 God's mistakes
There was a man who blamed God for creating him a male. According to him, God would have asked him which gender he wanted to be before his conception. He categorically said that God made a serious mistake. In order to correct the mistake, he underwent a...
73 Marriage between Anger and Hunger
Mister Anger was born with stone face in Grievance City of Nigeria. His boyhood days were tortuous. His parents died when he was only eleven and half years old. Thus he was left to the care of his grandmother called Madam Sadness.
74 The August Visitor
There was a certain affluent man living in a duplex with his wife and five children in Benin City. After attending church service on a Sunday morning with his family, he informed his gateman that he would be having an August visitor around 12.00 noon on...
75 Principalities and Powers
Ignorance is a chronic disease. A student was asked in a Religious class to define the terms 'Principalities and powers.' He stood up courageously and answered, 'Principalities are the spirits that propel the principal of a school in his work. Our own...
76 The delicious and delicate Egg
Today, Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpowder which can explode if care is not taken. She is like a raw egg about to fall into pieces. If the Federal Government has a listening ear, let her implement the decisions made in 2014 National Conference by the...
77 Implications of Ruga Settlement
I have searched for the word 'Ruga' in English Dictionary but did not find it. Also I searched for it in the Encyclopedia of English Language, all to no avail. It is not an Igbo, Yoruba or pigin English terminology. Finally I discovered that Ruga is a...
78 The Heavenly Race
It is then clear that what follows God's judgment is either heaven or hell. The intermediary is purgatory. Purgatory is a place or condition of temporal purification of one's soul due to venial sins or punishment due for forgiven mortal sins. Some people...
79 Old layer
The economic condition of our country, Nigeria, often bites me without mercy. When I have no money to purchase fuel for my car, I engage myself in miraculous prayer, so that my petrol tank meter will not go down. As I was travelling one cloudy afternoon, I...
80 Never give up!
Few days ago, I was behind the wheels on my way to visit a sick person, which was about seven kilometers journey. At a point I came to a hilly road. I accelerated the engine higher. Suddenly, I met a tipper lorry in front of me. It was carrying a trip of...

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