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71 Fire on the mountain
As I was sipping from the second glass and grinding two pieces of the meat with my natural machine, I heard some gunshots not far away. I heard someone shouting, 'There is fire on the mountain! Run! Run!! Run!!!'
72 PhD Made Easy
During an examination in Government, the students were asked, 'What is Democracy?' They were given one hour to write and should not be less than four pages of foolscap sheets. A foolish male student who studied only Government Made Easy booklet made his...
73 Leave them old
Every word has an opposite. Of recent I deliberated on 'Catch them young.' The opposite of catch is leave.
74 Your Excellency!
Who do you call Excellency? He should rather be addressed as 'Your Wickedness.' Look at my face. Two nights ago he beat me to stupor and violently sent me out of our house.
75 Catch them young
To my utmost surprise, one of them slapped me and shouted, 'Father, leave us alone and mind your business....' I retorted, 'What? Are you not afraid to slap your elder...?' He replied, 'Afraid of what? Please go away before I disgrace you now.'
76 Honourable or Horrible?
...Rep came back ... to campaign for third tenure. His constituency which he has represented for eight years has nothing to write home about.
77 Expectations in the New Year 2022
Few days ago, I was driving through a local tarred road. At a point I saw a sign-post with the inscription 'Slow down, bombs ahead.'
78 Medicine after Death
Wonders shall never end. There was an attempt to humanly make impossibility to be possible. My eyes saw my ears for the first time in my life.
79 Operation show your Baptism Card and Voter's Card
When we shall travel to the world beyond, we shall present our Baptism Cards and Voter's Cards as qualifications for admission....
80 Corrosive Choices
The attitude of most women nowadays shows that they are not happy with God over their physical appearance.

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