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71 Watch your back
Some days ago, a young half illiterate young man came into my office in tears. I offered him a seat and asked him to wipe away his tears. Then, I enquired from him what was amiss.
72 Nigerian reckless drivers
A reckless driver is a calamity. Few years ago, I traveled from Awka to Abuja on public transport. It was a mini-bus. The driver was so reckless and drove without hope of tomorrow. Severally we, the passengers, shouted at him to slow down and to drive with...
73 At Owner's Risk
A few years ago, I was driving to a remote town. I came to a lonely road surrounded by thick forests left and right. At a spot I saw a small sign-post with the image of a human skull without words to express its meaning
74 Take time to rest
The difficult thing I could not discern by myself and through research was the type of rest God had on that seventh day. Did he sleep?
75 Sweet Mother vis--vis Bitter Mother
Few years ago I encountered a bitter mother who was a thorn in the flesh in her family. The husband regretted marrying her. The children renounced her as their mother. She was as wicked as the devil.
76 Thinking Faculty
I went round the universities in Nigeria looking for the Thinking Faculty in order to apply for admission. I am highly interested in the course.
77 The Good and the Ugly
When the going is good, you have many friends. But when the going is bad, all of the friends disappear.
78 Fire on the mountain
As I was sipping from the second glass and grinding two pieces of the meat with my natural machine, I heard some gunshots not far away. I heard someone shouting, 'There is fire on the mountain! Run! Run!! Run!!!'
79 The crooked ones
A fortnight ago, I came across a tall, fat and fierce middle-aged man popularly called Crooked. He is crooked in character and appearance. He is nearly the size of the biblical Goliath.
80 The Concept of Sleeping-Muruanya
Those who apply for job opportunity these days must be very cautious. It is better to be late than the late. Beware of interview venues.

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