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61 For Sale
In the courtroom, the hungry lawyer couldn't defend his client well. The SAN with big legal grammar argued convincingly that the fat impotent man bought the old Volvo car and its human contents because they were all labeled FOR SALE. Thus the fat man won...
62 The Twins: Anayo and Anaenye
It is ordained by God for companionship, being helpmates, procreation and upbringing of children. It is a vocation. ... Not everyone is called to marriage. In other words, everyone must not marry. To be single is also a vocation.
63 The Cross-roads
There is a beautiful day. There is also an ugly day. The beautifulness or ugliness depends on what the day has in stock for you or for me. It happened that on a bright and beautiful day, I was driving at high velocity towards my destination.
64 Heaven at last
Few days ago, I was behind the steering heading to my destination when I looked casually at my right hand side and saw an amazing sign-post with this conspicuous inscription: Heaven at Last Supermarket.
65 The Beautiful Coffin
Just a week ago, someone in my ecclesiastical constituency asked me to come and bless his new shop and goods for him. I heartily granted the impromptu request. Consequently, I dressed up in my cassock, surplice and stole. Also I brought a Book of...
66 Be vigilant!
...there was a recruitment exercise for young men and young women who applied to be members of the town's vigilante group. ... Before the actual recruitment commenced at midnight, more than half of the candidates accidentally dosed off as they waited. Even...
67 Open Letter to God
Merciful Father, among all the creatures, only human beings give you acute headache from time immemorial. Your divine image in each and every one of us has suffered a lot of abuse. How I wish you delete your image in us so that we become same with the...
68 My Cross
A married troubled man attended a prayer crusade the previous day. The self acclaimed powerful officiating pastor was on the rostrum making incantations and seeing imaginable and unimaginable visions.
69 The Truth shall set you free (John 8:32)
A certain dubious girl was at large for three days. She left home on the pretence that she was going for an all night prayer crusade by a popular priest of God, which was about five kilometers away from her home.
70 Does the End justify the Means?
A certain wealthy man snatched the wife of a very poor man. The woman in question was finding life very difficult under her poor husband before she was snatched. For her the snatching is a blessing.

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