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61 Compare and Contrast
I saw a boy of fourteen years old, smoking dangerous hemp whose thickness was just like a tree trunk. His eyes were sparkling like hellfire. I overpowered him with physical and divine strength. ... In those olden days....
62 Arrant Nonsense
She told me that the husband alleged that she slapped him mercilessly in his dream in the night. Therefore he retaliated in the morning when she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
63 The Concept of Sleeping-Muruanya
Those who apply for job opportunity these days must be very cautious. It is better to be late than the late. Beware of interview venues.
64 It is finished
These three simple words are very powerful and symbolic. It is the sentence of all sentences. It is the mother of all grammatical constructions.
65 Sweet Mother vis--vis Bitter Mother
Few years ago I encountered a bitter mother who was a thorn in the flesh in her family. The husband regretted marrying her. The children renounced her as their mother. She was as wicked as the devil.
66 Easter with mixed feelings
Despite the state and national security threats in this year 2022, we are celebrating Easter. ... There are many Judases today in our society betraying one another.
67 Is suffering your portion?
Jesus Christ admonished, 'If you wish to be a follower of mine, take up your cross daily and follow me' (Luke 9:23). Nothing good comes easy.
68 The Beginning and the End
Early this year, a certain distressed couple was blessed with a set of twins, male and female, after twelve years of childlessness. ... They [named] the male twin 'Beginning' while the female twin was called 'End'.
69 The Beautiful Mad Women
Before now, I thought that madness has to do with ugliness. A mad person is always dirty, tattered, unkempt and disordered in appearance and character.
70 I am tired; allow me to die
Since 2000 that I opened my ministry, no members, only 15 members. God, you called me. I have fasted. I have prayed. I have done everything to make sure my church grows.

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