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51 The Fake Bishops' Episode
Probably, the fake bishops and pastors were "ordained" overnight by Tinubu himself, and assisted by Shettima.
52 The wooden Womb
Today the reverse is the case. The wooden womb is now displayed in the open market. It has become fanciful and attractive. If you see some luxurious wooden wombs nowadays, you will desire to die.
53 Misplacement of Priority fortieth birthday, one of my German friends presented me a beautiful flower worth 20 Euro. ... What is the essence of flower to me as a student in need in a foreign land?
54 Blessing in disguise
I asked myself: if this did not happen, who knows what else might have happened on that rainy evening?
55 2023: A stingy good Leader
A good stingy man thinks of the welfare of the society at large. He does not waste public funds on unnecessary things.
56 Degrees of Madness
Some men of God suffer from spiritual madness when they curse and abuse people at the pulpit. They preach money instead of God. Ingratitude is also a form of madness.
57 Daddy Primary
Why is it that the old generation refuses to give chance to the new generation? Somewhere and sometime ago, I passionately went to a family to settle an inheritance dispute between an old mother-in-law and her young daughter-in-law.
58 His name is Delegate
...laughter turned me upside down. I capsized like a boat. The couple was gazing at me in utter confusion. They told me that Delegate is not an amusing name [for their new born]. It signifies opulence and a lot of fortunes.
59 The Good and the Ugly
When the going is good, you have many friends. But when the going is bad, all of the friends disappear.
60 Thinking Faculty
I went round the universities in Nigeria looking for the Thinking Faculty in order to apply for admission. I am highly interested in the course.

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