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51 Corrosive Choices
The attitude of most women nowadays shows that they are not happy with God over their physical appearance.
52 About to die
A certain casual driver caused commotion few days ago along a busy traffic road by placing a frightening bold tag over his front and rear plate number, which reads: 'About to die.' Serious pandemonium broke out.
53 Nigeria is bleeding
The Federal Government, led by President Buhari, is handling the bleeding with kid's glove. Some of the bleeding culprits are canonized while some are treated harshly.
54 Courage in times of turbulence
I died and resurrected the first time I traveled by air. Before then I have been hearing that travelling by air is the safest means of transport.
55 Mobile Phone Atrocities
So many users have become ardent liars. You can visit someone at his or her home for some exigencies. You stand at the door and call his or her line. He or she will respond from the other end that he or she is not at home.
56 Had I known!
As rational beings, created in the image and likeness of God, we must think before we act. Action follows deliberation; not vice versa. I still remember the Motto of Young Christian Students (YCS), which says, 'See, Judge and Act' (SJA).
57 Catch them young
To my utmost surprise, one of them slapped me and shouted, 'Father, leave us alone and mind your business....' I retorted, 'What? Are you not afraid to slap your elder...?' He replied, 'Afraid of what? Please go away before I disgrace you now.'
58 Operation show your Baptism Card and Voter's Card
When we shall travel to the world beyond, we shall present our Baptism Cards and Voter's Cards as qualifications for admission....
59 Watch your back
Some days ago, a young half illiterate young man came into my office in tears. I offered him a seat and asked him to wipe away his tears. Then, I enquired from him what was amiss.
60 Nigerian reckless drivers
A reckless driver is a calamity. Few years ago, I traveled from Awka to Abuja on public transport. It was a mini-bus. The driver was so reckless and drove without hope of tomorrow. Severally we, the passengers, shouted at him to slow down and to drive with...

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