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41 The fall of an Iroko Tree
When Jesus Christ died on Good Friday there was darkness all over the land of Jerusalem. The Sanctuary veil in the Temple at Jerusalem was mystically torn from top to bottom. The bodies of departed holy men and women came back to life. When the news of the...
42 I can't breathe
I looked pitifully at them, shook my head and uttered these words: 'So, this is how life is. We breathe today but tomorrow become breathless.' I imagined myself someday lying among the corpses. I left the mortuary with sadness and bewilderment.
43 COVID-19 lockdown
Positively, the stay-at-home order united many disorganized couples and their helpless children once more. Negatively, the men who have nagging wives did not find it easy. They locked themselves up in their private rooms, murmuring and dying in silence.
44 COVID-19 and face mask
Medical doctors and nurses wear face masks during surgery in order to avoid contamination. Criminals wear face masks to disguise themselves. ...people wear face masks to protect themselves.... For whichever purpose, once you wear a face mask your identity...
45 Stay at Home
The year 2020 will remain indelible in the history of humanity. At the dawn of the year, we all hoped that it would be a year of fulfillment. The figures 20 - 20 entail fullness. Unfortunately it turned out to be a year of calamity and backwardness.
46 Virus Attack
... switched on my computer. It took it nearly half an hour to boot. ... Then came out this dangerous inscription: 'Your computer is under serious virus attack. You may lose all your saved data in matter of seconds. Therefore apply your anti-virus...
47 Radio without battery
I cleared my throat and then asked him, 'Oga, do you have a radio without battery? I need it badly.' He frowned and asked, 'What do you mean?' I replied, 'Please do not be annoyed. I urgently need a radio that operates without battery.' He rebuffed me and...
48 Marriage Drama
For the first time in their life, Ifeanyi and Ifeoma accidentally came in contact with each other at a birthday party. Love mysteriously entered into their eyeballs as they sat opposite each other at the party. They shook hands and fell in love...
49 INSECURITY: Something is wrong
An English adage says, 'Until the rotten tooth is pulled out, the mouth must chew with caution.' ... Before proffering solutions to the worsening insecurity bedeviling the Nation, we must acknowledge that something is drastically wrong. Could it be that...
50 Operation Deceit
Some time ago, I was behind the wheels from Abuja to Awka. I took off as soon as it was daybreak on the fateful day without breaking my fast. By 9 a.m. I was already at Lokoja. Hunger started mesmerizing my stomach and my eyes were showing red. Therefore,...

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