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31 Naira redesign palaver
The thought of the Apex Bank to redesign the three big denominations brought out hidden things. No wonder the Bible underlines that everything hidden must be revealed.
32 I am finished!
When Jesus Christ was hanging on the Cross at Calvary for the salvation of sinful humanity, he uttered some useful words seven times.
33 2023: The Year of Great Expectancy
They are all vying to occupy the Number One Seat at Aso Rock in Abuja. Some of the candidates are sound in mind and body while some are not.
34 Stormy Christmas
As the unseen forces were moving around, an altar boy in full regalia standing with us at the rostrum fell down with extraordinary force and was rolling unconsciously. As a precaution, I held the iron pillar beside me tightly in case the moving spirit...
35 Penny wise pound foolish
God is wisdom personified. He created human beings in his image and likeness. In other words, we are divinely endowed with the virtue of wisdom.
36 Beware of fake products
God created man and woman and endowed them with distinctive organs and characteristics. ... Few women likewise dress up and act like men. They adopt hoarse voices.
37 The Great Surprises
Nigerians are now awake and have vowed to take their destiny into their own hands. Hence there will be surprises in the outcome of the 2023 general elections....
38 How old are you now?
A person born in a kitchen becomes a cook or is always food conscious. A person born in a vehicle becomes either a driver or a conductor. A person born inside a church becomes a priest.... in Isaiah 65:20 we read that it is a curse not to live up to a...
39 A living Dog better than a dead Lion
Adetutu ended her earthly life in the lagoon without thinking twice and confiding in someone. Was she aware that death is not the end of human life, but the end of a new beginning?
40 Artificial Women
They apply different types of make-up to remain beautiful. Their bodies, especially their faces, are their constituencies. They spend much money in fashion and make-ups. Men make down while women make up.

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