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31 Beware of Holy Fraudsters
Instead of adoring the Lord, they adore their pockets. ... One of the holy fraudsters operating in Anambra State boasted that he would raise seven dead bodies in one of the mortuaries on 28 January 2021.
32 Give me my share!
Recently, a well dressed young man in English suit suddenly stopped his [luxurious] SUV at the middle of the busy Douglas road in Owerri.... 'Give me my share! Where is my share?' He began to walk in a zigzag way along the busy market road, not minding the...
33 The Easter Eggs
A little child of four years told me few hours ago that her mother lays eggs because she spends a long time every day in the bedroom.
34 The Length of Lent
Unlike human beings and animals, Lent has three legs. They are prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The three are measured in spiritual dimension. Each leg is peculiar. However, they are interdependent. Walking on only one or two of the legs is a spiritual...
35 Warehouse looting saga
...mother came back from farm. She went into the warehouse hopeful of dousing the hunger making noise in her stomach. She opened the swallow container as well as the snail soup pot and found them totally empty. By then my two friend looters have...
36 Season of Abnormality
Indeed the Coronavirus pandemic has altered everything. The harmattan season normally occur between December and January. Unfortunately it did only few days between December 2020 and January 2021.
37 Don't do it!
The man saw himself in a precarious situation and lost hope in life. As a result, he decided to commit suicide as the best option out of his predicament. His wife and children were not at home on the fateful day.
38 God's Mistakes
A pupil or a student can correct the teacher when he or she makes a mistake. On the other hand, can an imperfect creature correct the perfect Creator? It is really suicidal to do so. God ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman.
39 The walking Corpse
A fortnight ago I had a nearly fatal home accident. It was on a Tuesday mid-day. I was coming out of my office, loaded with my laptop on my left hand and a heavy bag on my right hand. Immediately I set my right foot on newly laid slippery tiles, I lost...
40 No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!!
I am disappointed. Do you know why? Since I dropped the 'no mercy' poison in my refectory to kill the stubborn rats, none of them has come again to eat at my table after supper. I am wondering if those stubborn rats have an informant.

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