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31 Human Life: How long or how well?
I remember vividly during my secondary school days at Aguata High School Aguata, how one of my classmates nearly caused me high blood pressure during one of our promotion examinations. The subject in question was Geography.
32 Eternal Journey without Luggage
A certain Nigerian woman, whose third daughter gave birth to her first child in London, was invited by her son-in-law to come and nurse her grand child and to stay with them for a period of time. She was so excited over the international invitation.
33 The big shoes of late Chief Sir Anthony Obiagbaoso Enukeme
Like King Solomon who built a temple for the Lord in the Old Testament, Sir Anthony Enukeme single handedly built Saint Agatha's Catholic Church, Aba, and Saint James Catholic Church, Neni, and all the sundry edifices within the two church premises.
34 The raging global and national storms
Few days ago I was taking a lonely digestive walk after a sumptuous supper. At the onset, the moon was shinning such that I could see the Angels of God descending and ascending. It was a colourful sight to behold. As I was pouring praises to God, the...
35 The smallness of the World
At last the two applicants arrived at the venue of the scheduled interview. When it was time, the clerk of the company took them into the office of the manager for the interview. As soon as they came in, a sudden drama took place. The manager/interviewer...
36 COVID-19 chain of problems
Washing of hands with soap under running water, anointing the palms with sanitizers and wearing of face masks have become mandatory. By putting on face masks everyone has become half human and half masquerade. ... By closing the door to God's house, the...
37 Impossibility Specialist
The specialist ... stood on the rostrum and was making spiritual incantations. [to a chorus of] 'Amen! Alleluia!' ... Later he started dishing out a litany of impossibilities such as 'If you don't have money, you must become a millionaire now! If you are...
38 Ogochukwu and Ogommadu
Last Tuesday morning, I sat in my office to attend to the pastoral needs of my parishioners and for others coming from far and near. Around 11.20a.m, I heard a special knock on my door. I shouted, "Please come in!" The door was opened. Two young men...
39 The altered World of Coronavirus
I stood in a corner watching people walking up and down a busy street. Most of them were wearing facemasks, which covered their mouths and noses. I was also putting on my own facemask. Hardly did I recognize any of them facially. I laughed like a...
40 The Era of Coronavirus
Few days ago, a newly married couple blessed with male twins came into my office to register them for infant baptism. The husband was carrying one of the twins while the wife was carrying the other. Immediately they came in, I saw happiness and sadness...

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