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221 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - What a hell!
We are suffocating in Nigeria. Some of the past and present leaders of this country have not the interest of the poor masses at heart. Some of them steal billions of Naira from the State coffers and starch them away in foreign banks. The current All...
222 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Speaking from both sides of the mouth
For about one month now, Nigerians are kept in suspense. No one knows the true health stand of our democratically elected President. The President is a public figure and not a private figure. Nigerians are supposed to know the where about and health status...
223 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Death for sale
I went to Awka last week for a little shopping. I was on mufti dress so that I can price things (igba ipara) like any other person. Accidentally, I came across where assorted coffins were displayed for sale. I made the Sign of the Cross and looked the...
224 You are dust -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
As I was stepping out of the church door, I saw the self acclaimed gentleman with three red-eyed and armed policemen. They accosted me and pointed the gun at me saying, "Man of God, you are under arrest." They wanted to handcuff me but I resisted it...
225 Analog Nigeria in a digital age (2) (PICTORIAL) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
I have been asking the question whether Nigerian politicians are brainless or are they thinking all Nigerians are fools. Imagine President Muhammadu Buhari stating that he has fulfilled all his major promises made to the electorate during his political...
226 When innocents suffer before, during and after christian marriage -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Pastor K. couldn't understand why his wife of 10 years was still barren. As the Word of Life says in Luke 4:23: "Physician, heal thyself." He prays for others and sees instant answers, including those couples going through what he's suffering, yet why is...
227 You can't fulfill The Lord's purpose and will for your life without marriage -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
There is nowhere in the entire Holy Bible that the True Lord God Almighty told His own to live a single life in order to carry out His purpose and will for our lives? I told Sister M. that she chose to remain single not because she wanted to discharge her...
228 Unbroken covenants and irreversible curses -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Brother K. was about to marry and his folks way back at home in the Republic of Ghana advised him to come home to take an authentic African lady as wife. "All those American women have been spoiled and make sure you don't marry any of them," his people...
229 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Happy Valentine Day!
Laughter threw me down. I laughed them into confusion. Then I asked them, 'Is Valentine in hell?' Instead of supplying the answer, they were sighing. In addition I asked them, 'Please who is this Valentine? And what is Valentine Day?' There was no answer....
230 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Life has no duplicate
I went into a duplicating office and registered my presence for a service. I stood on the queue. When it was my turn to be attended to, the attendant, a beautiful lady created on a Monday smiled at me and asked me, 'Father, what can we do for you?' I...

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