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221 Katakata everywhere! -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Barely a week ago, I was on my way to Awka for some exigencies. After driving through Agulu Lake Bridge, I saw a young man, gladded in American suit with red tie dangling left and right, running without break. I slowed down and wound down my car's glass as...
222 It is finished -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
There was the story of one hardworking farmer married with four children. He was very caring and meticulous. He trusted his wife more than himself. She was his banker. He gave her all his income to keep for him. But he kept the money for capital...
223 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2015 Elections: Vote according to your conscience
Fellow Nigerians, the jaw does not rest until what it is chewing is finished. We must remain prayerful and avoid actions or utterances which would mare the impending elections. As we are still in Lent, let us continue praying and fasting assiduously. By so...
224 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Crucify Him!
Recently, there was a theft incidence at Saint John's Catholic Church Umuokpu Awka in Anambra State. Do you know what was stolen? The main church is still under construction. So the church members erected a makeshift edifice. At the altar area they hung a...
225 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Thinking twice
The insane does not reason well and does not think twice. He or she is at the same level with babies and brutes. It is when a child attains the age of reason that it begins to think. A rational being thinks and reasons. Animals neither think nor reason.
226 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Easter message: Do not despair
My people, is suffering really a cause or a blessing? Is this world a bed of roses? Why does a baby cry at birth? Our Lord Jesus Christ says, 'If you wish to be my disciple, take up your cross daily and follow me' (LK. 9:23). When Jesus was about to go to...
227 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Sowing of seeds
From all indications, there is a modern trend in the sowing of seeds. It has automatically shifted from the farmlands into the church. A baptism of fire has taken place. The modern Pentecostalism has developed a new concept of the sowing of seeds. This new...
228 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - I put it to you
My dear Catholic Faithful, next Sunday, 26 March 2017, is Mothering Sunday. I put it to all mothers (Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Muslims, Pagans, etc) that they should learn how to be good mothers and not murderers. Some bad mothers have murdered...
229 Analog Nigeria in a digital age (5) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Who can believe that after about two months, Buhari didn't know what his Inspector General was doing? Do you see how Buhari takes Nigerians as fools who can't think? How can a President stare Nigerians in the face and be lying to them every time?
230 Analog Nigeria in a digital age (6) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Buhari's government is morally bankrupt, stupidly corrupt, senselessly deceitful, crassly dangerous, and is leading Nigeria down the road to perdition. This government is a bottomless pit of lowlifes. This government is found wanting in such a way that...

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