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21 Easter without Good Friday
'Father, can there be Easter without Good Friday?' I looked at him pitifully and asked in return, 'Young man, what type of question is that? Are you in your senses or is there a knot missing from your medulla oblongata?'
22 EASTER: Hope and Happiness
It seemed that all hope was lost. Fortunately on the third day he rose gloriously from the tomb. Easter means Resurrection, which is our hope.
23 Promotion of Impunity
During my primary school days.... The third term or so-called promotion examination was the climax of each academic year.
24 About to die
On the front and rear plate numbers of the vehicle conveying an intending couple to the church ... are placed tags that read: 'About to wed'.
25 Go to Court!
Just last week, an affluent man grabbed a vast land belonging to a poor man living close to him. The poor man cried miserably.
26 Nigerian Political Quake
The coast was clear. The pendulum was swinging. Millions of disgruntled electorates focused on the best candidate that would deliver Nigeria from the quagmire we are in. We need to come out from slavery in Egypt and march towards the Promised Land.
27 Beware of the Ghost of Injustice
Are you aware that injustice died a shameful death thousands of years ago after the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ?
28 Vote for Success
Many years ago, I came across a heavily pregnant mother in serious labour. Since no means of transportation was readily available, the husband pleaded with me on his knees to assist him in taking his wife in labour in my car to the maternity hospital....
29 Vote for Success
...contest between Light and Darkness. Nigeria will shine if Light is voted into power. The powers of darkness holding this country to ransom since Independence will disappear instantly like evil spirits.
30 I am confused
The thought of the Apex Bank to redesign the three big denominations brought out hidden things. No wonder the Bible underlines that everything hidden must be revealed.

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