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191 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Something must kill a man
Man is a composite being. That is, he is made up of body and soul. The body is material while the soul is a spirit. The body is corruptible while the soul is incorruptible. The separation of the body and soul gives rise to death.
192 Truth is bitter -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Chief Karaki Maigoro is a very rich man. He is married to a humble and hardworking wife. The marriage is blessed with four children, three girls and a boy. They live in an attractive mansion in Abuja. Chief Maigoro loves money more than his wife and...
193 Nothing is new -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Recently I went to a popular market in Nigeria and bought two shirts and two pairs of trouser. They were well ironed and concealed in transparent plastic pack. The seller convinced me that they were new clothes and the latest in the market. The...
194 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The vicissitudes of human life
Our country Nigeria is in serious economic mess. We were promised change but we are encountering chain. Hence many Nigerians are hungry and angry. ... Just last week I went to Ariaria market in Aba to purchase a clothing material. I couldn't believe what...
195 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Power tussle
How many of our political leaders do wash the feet of those they were elected to serve? Instead of them dying for the masses, the masses should rather die for them. ... today it is Government of the Pocket, by the Pocket and for the Pocket.
196 May this new year bring, at least once, sign of a government in Nigeria (Conclusion) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, had the gut to tell Nigerians that the military has nothing to do with internal matters, so, the president cannot send in the army to Benue State. But Mr. Adesina didn't explain to us what the military was doing in...
197 May this new year bring, at least once, sign of a government in Nigeria (3) (Pictorial) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
If there's anything like hell anywhere, Nigeria is hotter than that place, meaning that most Nigerians have started experiencing the hell on earth already, even before their death.
198 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Traditional African societies and the coming of the Europeans
The colonialists instituted exploitation as a state policy and the post-colonial African leaders have been carrying it out till this day. When the colonialists gave false political independence (they withheld the economic independence) to the African...
199 Who are you spiritually? The need for spiritual pesonality diagnoses in marriage & ORS -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
It is amazing how prospective suitors harp on blood genotype, marriage counseling, financial status, educational qualification, physical attraction, job security and the rest but often neglect the most important of all when planning marriage: spiritual...
200 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2016: Happy Survival!
It pains me so much to behold a cluster of human beings and masquerades blocking the highways in the name of celebrating New Year. Jesus Christ said that the Son of Man was destined to die but woe to him through whom the death comes.

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