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191 You can't fulfill The Lord's purpose and will for your life without marriage -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
There is nowhere in the entire Holy Bible that the True Lord God Almighty told His own to live a single life in order to carry out His purpose and will for our lives? I told Sister M. that she chose to remain single not because she wanted to discharge her...
192 Unbroken covenants and irreversible curses -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Brother K. was about to marry and his folks way back at home in the Republic of Ghana advised him to come home to take an authentic African lady as wife. "All those American women have been spoiled and make sure you don't marry any of them," his people...
193 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Happy Valentine Day!
Laughter threw me down. I laughed them into confusion. Then I asked them, 'Is Valentine in hell?' Instead of supplying the answer, they were sighing. In addition I asked them, 'Please who is this Valentine? And what is Valentine Day?' There was no answer....
194 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Life has no duplicate
I went into a duplicating office and registered my presence for a service. I stood on the queue. When it was my turn to be attended to, the attendant, a beautiful lady created on a Monday smiled at me and asked me, 'Father, what can we do for you?' I...
195 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Funeral enjoyment
According to Shakespeare, death is an inevitable end which will come when it must come. All mortals must die. Are you afraid of death? Many people want to go to heaven, but only few want to die. For human beings, death is not an end itself but a means to...
196 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The theory of postponement
During the examination period in my secondary school, we normally pray for the postponement of the exams, especially when we are not ready. If the postponement is indefinite, some of us students would go home and sleep. When the examination timetable is...
197 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Beware of rats
Last week I accidentally met a rat in the passage of my residence. The rat started pursuing me. I did not take chances. I jumped over the wall to avoid contracting Lassa fever from the rat. Our Igbo people say that if you get up in the morning and a hen...
198 Cattle colony and colonization -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Yesterday night I had a fierce battle with cows and a herdsman in my dream. I was comfortably coming into my compound to have a rest after the day's activities. Behold some cows and their herder ambushed me at the gate. The cows were looking so fierce....
199 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Something must kill a man
Man is a composite being. That is, he is made up of body and soul. The body is material while the soul is a spirit. The body is corruptible while the soul is incorruptible. The separation of the body and soul gives rise to death.
200 Truth is bitter -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Chief Karaki Maigoro is a very rich man. He is married to a humble and hardworking wife. The marriage is blessed with four children, three girls and a boy. They live in an attractive mansion in Abuja. Chief Maigoro loves money more than his wife and...

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