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161 2017: The journey so far -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
When I saw the Christian women returning in gross, I asked one of them, 'Why the mass return of young and old mothers this time?' She shook her head and replied, 'They are coming back for the 2017 August meeting.' I exclaimed, 'So, it is already the month...
162 Drive to Arrive -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Just last week I was behind the steering of my four wheels, accelerating on a high velocity along the Abakaliki - Ogoja carpet-tarred road heading to my destination. Suddenly, a commercial vehicle overtook me at a bump. On its rear was inscribed: 'Drive to...
163 Tension everywhere! -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Indeed, there is fire on the mountain. Run! Run!! Run!!! Where are we running to? Whenever a tortoise or a snail observes any danger, it withdraws into its shell and remains motionless until all is calm again. As a human being, I have no biological shell....
164 The concept of meology -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
If God does not temper justice with mercy, how many people will be saved? It then means that heaven will be almost empty while hell will be full. Who can boast of being perfect at death, except very few (by God's grace)?
165 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - VIP
A child, a youth and an adult are VIPs. No life is greater than the other. Tell me, what is the measure of importance? Is it money, power, beauty, handsomeness or position?
166 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Priority of values
There was no food in the house. The home-coming of daddy worsened the situation. Why did he board a flight and airport taxi, when he knew the poor condition of his pockets and the economic bite in his family in particular and in the country at large?
167 My Name is Legion -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
When you come across any mad man or woman, be very careful. There may be many demons in him or her. Have you not seen a mad person talking with unseen forces and laughing loudly? On a certain occasion, I was praying for a possessed lady while she was...
168 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Ebola panic
After the morning prayer, it was already day. I went out and met some people. I greeted them and offered my hand for a handshake but all put their hands behind. Confusedly, I asked them, 'What is wrong?' They chorused, 'Ebola! Ebola!' I went a step further...
169 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Awka Diocese in the news again
Awka Diocese is so attractive that most Dioceses and Archdioceses in Nigeria demand a shepherd from her Vineyard. Consequently, Bishop Amatu was posted to Okigwe Diocese as the Local Ordinary, after the retirement of Bishop Ilonu. I use this opportunity to...
170 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - What an atrocity!
What is a herdsman doing with A-K 47 riffle? The normal instrument a herdsman uses is stick, which he uses to direct his cattle and to flog the straying ones. Strangely these days, the Fulani Herdsmen have transformed themselves into terrorists. They kill,...

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