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151 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Living in darkness
Sometime ago, I also told the story of how I got up late at night to urinate. There was acute darkness such that I mistook my fridge for my toilet and ended up urinating inside it. Many of my readers called me by phone and laughed at me.
152 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Mobile phone atrocities
I put it to you and to me that we are provoking God. Can we resist the anger of God? Ordinarily, when we talk to important personalities in our society we switch our phones off or put them in silent mode. ... If it is so with ordinary human beings, what...
153 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Condolence visit
In Nigeria today, hunger is mesmerizing people here and there. No wonder people rush to places or families where any ceremony that involves eating and drinking are included in the agenda. So, whenever you are planning for entertainment (item 7), kindly...
154 Wake up, Nigerian youths! (4) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
...the followers, in general, and the Nigerian youths, in particular, are parts of the problem.
155 Wake up, Nigerian youths! (Conclusion) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Nigerian youths should ask why citizens of a country rich on prodigious oil reserves are getting poorer by the day; the youths should ask why oil is no gift for Nigeria's poor.
156 The 7 types of Christians on Earth and salvation -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Most people aren't aware that sins, which are inadvertent or willful violation and disregard to the commandments and wills of the True Lord God Almighty are equivalent to curses. In other words, the corollaries of sins are inevitably spiritual curses which...
157 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Love in the grave
Last week I went to commiserate with a family somewhere over the death of their mother. As her corpse lay in state, the family members were wailing and wailing. One of the late woman's sons was soaked in tears that can fill an ocean. He went to the extent...
158 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Life is terrible!
Today, armed robbery is given less emphasis in Nigeria because a greater evil has overtaken it. ... As we are hiding from kidnappers, Boko Haram terrorists shatter innocent Nigerians with bullets and bombs. Even students are not spared. ... The Federal...
159 Operation Show Your Report Card -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
A primary three pupil casually returned home at the close of the third term. His parents asked him to show them his report card. He lied that his teacher was seriously sick and was admitted in the hospital.
160 The bloody satanic masquerades -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Initially I thought that a masquerade appears from ant's hole to entertain the living and encourage them on their way to the world beyond. By then I took a masquerade for a ghost. My first shock as a little boy was when I saw the toes and the nose of a...

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