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141 Virus Attack
... switched on my computer. It took it nearly half an hour to boot. ... Then came out this dangerous inscription: 'Your computer is under serious virus attack. You may lose all your saved data in matter of seconds. Therefore apply your anti-virus...
142 Radio without battery
I cleared my throat and then asked him, 'Oga, do you have a radio without battery? I need it badly.' He frowned and asked, 'What do you mean?' I replied, 'Please do not be annoyed. I urgently need a radio that operates without battery.' He rebuffed me and...
143 Marriage Drama
For the first time in their life, Ifeanyi and Ifeoma accidentally came in contact with each other at a birthday party. Love mysteriously entered into their eyeballs as they sat opposite each other at the party. They shook hands and fell in love...
144 INSECURITY: Something is wrong
An English adage says, 'Until the rotten tooth is pulled out, the mouth must chew with caution.' ... Before proffering solutions to the worsening insecurity bedeviling the Nation, we must acknowledge that something is drastically wrong. Could it be that...
145 Operation Deceit
Some time ago, I was behind the wheels from Abuja to Awka. I took off as soon as it was daybreak on the fateful day without breaking my fast. By 9 a.m. I was already at Lokoja. Hunger started mesmerizing my stomach and my eyes were showing red. Therefore,...
146 Money madness & worsening insecurity
Just recently, a wealthy couple was blessed with a bouncing baby girl (BBG). During the glamorous naming ceremony, she was named Money.
147 Thank God
On Thursday 23 January 2020, I set off to Holy Cross Catholic Church Ufuma in Orumba North Local Government of Anambra state for the burial Mass of a centenarian deceased woman. Immediately I arrived at the gate of the church, I sanctified myself by making...
148 What is happening?
At the dawn of the New Year 2020, a popular pastor in the Lord's vineyard prophesied that a certain woman will suddenly slap her husband and send him packing out of their matrimonial home with immediate effect. The hearers of the New Year prophecy...
149 Juliet, why?
As the sad end of Juliet [by suicide] was being overcome by the euphoria of Christmas and the dawn of the New Year 2020, something more horrifying occurred on Sunday 5 January 2020....
150 The Euphoria of 2019 Christmas and the Dawn of 2020
On the naming day, there was no controversy over the choice of his name. Hence they named him Christmas. His native name is Chukwuebuka (God is great) while the surname is Chukwuma (God knows). The full name of the newly born baby boy is therefore...

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