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141 Let my people go!
Something remarkable is about to happen in Nigeria. Before the 2015 Presidential Election, the present ruling party clamoured for change. ... The promised change turned to be more economic hardship, daily bloodbath in different parts of the country by Boko...
142 All is not well
About two years ago, a promising young medical doctor known as Allwell was sitting comfortably at the back of his luxurious jeep driven by his driver. .. At the second Mainland Bridge, he instructed his driver to stop. ... Surprisingly, Dr Allwell opened...
143 Charity at work
A certain selfish and stingy man was having a sumptuous lunch when he heard a knock at his door. By that time he had just started eating. The meal was a rich plate of rice garnished with salad and a whole roasted chicken.
144 Materialistic Adoration Ministries
The man I nearly killed on that fateful evening was hundred percent drunk. He staggered accidently into the tarred motor way. ... When he regained consciousness a little, I asked him where he came from and where he was going. With his two eyes turning...
145 Vanity of Vanities
A coffin maker who says that his business is not booming, why is he still alive? He should die so that one of the coffins will be bought for him. My kinsman says that death awaits anything that breathes. Are you breathing? Breathe up! Breathe down! When...
146 Open Letter to God
Merciful Father, among all the creatures, only human beings give you acute headache from time immemorial. Your divine image in each and every one of us has suffered a lot of abuse. How I wish you delete your image in us so that we become same with the...
147 The Heavenly Race
It is then clear that what follows God's judgment is either heaven or hell. The intermediary is purgatory. Purgatory is a place or condition of temporal purification of one's soul due to venial sins or punishment due for forgiven mortal sins. Some people...
148 The Twins: Anayo and Anaenye
It is ordained by God for companionship, being helpmates, procreation and upbringing of children. It is a vocation. ... Not everyone is called to marriage. In other words, everyone must not marry. To be single is also a vocation.
149 My Cross
A married troubled man attended a prayer crusade the previous day. The self acclaimed powerful officiating pastor was on the rostrum making incantations and seeing imaginable and unimaginable visions.
150 The Beautiful Coffin
Just a week ago, someone in my ecclesiastical constituency asked me to come and bless his new shop and goods for him. I heartily granted the impromptu request. Consequently, I dressed up in my cassock, surplice and stole. Also I brought a Book of...

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