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141 The dead under arrest -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Is the end of the world so imminent? The unusual is beginning to happen. I went for a burial Mass somewhere which was supposed to start at 10:00AM. ... By 10:30AM, the remains of the dead woman have not arrived at the church. By 11:00AM everybody became...
142 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Stealing in God's House
A young Altar servant in cassock was once caught with Holy Communion still in his mouth emptying money in the collection box into his private bag. He was there and then caught in the unholy act. He broke into crocodile tears and pleaded, "Please forgive me...
143 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Hunger versus Anger
We hear it on daily basis that a hungry man is an angry man. Woman is included in the man. Is it also true that an angry man is a hungry man? Is it better to be hungry than to be angry? What happens if a hungry man marries an angry woman? What of if an...
144 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Medicine after death
The poor dead man's neighbours contributed money and deposited his corpse in the mortuary for six months, within which they began to build a three bed-room flat where the corpse would lie in state before burial. The poor man never drank any cold drink...
145 New Haven -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The conductor was perching with one leg at the door and was shouting, 'New Haven! New Haven!! New Haven!!!' Standing nearby was a very wretched man in tattered clothes and with an old polythene bag on his right hand, waiting aimlessly. The way he was...
146 Restructuring versus Amendment -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
On a certain morning, the husband went to his wife to ascertain why she gave him the quit notice. The wife replied, 'Mr. Man, I have married you for twelve and half years now. Since then I have been managing you for better, for worse. Indeed I am tired of...
147 Nigerian Political Tsunami -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Where are violent natural and political waves sweeping across the Nation. The heavens are angry. The earth is revolting. The people are bitter.
148 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Managing Life
Millions of Nigerians are jobless. Our graduates are roaming the streets seeking for non-existent jobs. The APC Government promised to be paying every unemployed Nigerian youth N5,000 per month. Has this promised been jettisoned? The worst is that...
149 Happy death-day! -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
My intimate friend celebrated his golden birthday two weeks ago. It was very solemn, glamorous and 'akpucative' (effective). We prayed, ate, drank and danced to our satisfaction. During the wine toast, the leader wished the celebrant long life, prosperity...
150 The Concept of "I will" -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Memory and memorial are identical twins. The former is alive while the latter is deceased. Since I am still alive, my memory goes back to a particular episode that took place when I was in Elementary 4 (today called Primary 4).

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