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131 Friendly Enemy
Can someone or something be a friend and an enemy at the same time?
132 Specific solutions to problems
Every day new ideology comes on board. At creation, God gave mankind the mandate to conquer this world. Indeed Science and Technology have reduced the vast world to a global village.
133 L.I.P and R.I.P
There are two essential degrees obtained by man. One is obtained during his life time while the other is obtained post mortem. The first degree is Live in Peace (L.I.P) while the second is Rest in Peace (R.I.P).
134 Bundle of Nonsense
If the anger of God descends on our country Nigeria on account of the daylight electoral robbery committed on February 25, March 11 and 15th April 2023, then Nigeria will be wiped away from world map.
135 Waiting for Boon or Doom
Earthquake is about to take place in Nigeria for the first time because the earth has been profaned. The heavens are angry.
136 The vanity of human life
Today, death is no more frightening. The other day I was casually walking through a busy casket market. One of the sellers beckoned at me to come and patronize him.
137 Manage your burdens
Who did I see? It was my primary six school classmate.... Then he uttered, 'Father, if I had known that life would be difficult for me like this, I would have become a priest like you....'
138 Who is fooling who?
By Divine ordinance I was born on first day of April, which is globally known as April Fools' Day. In other words, I was born a fool.
139 Something must kill a man
How can one abstain from lizard but eats rat? Some avoid red oil and cook with olive oil. Are both not oils? Does the stomach distinguish between red oil and white oil?
140 From frying pan into fire
Once again I remember the grammatical jargon some of us committed in primary three.

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