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11 Remarkable 2024 February
This year's month of February is very special in varied ways. ... There is a certain man who is popularly called Mr. February because everything he has is incomplete.
12 Chain of activities
Please thank God with me that I made it into 2024. I hereby answer present.
13 Happy or sad New Year?
'Alleluia!!!' A nurse happily came into my room and exclaimed, 'Happy survival!' I smiled from my sick-bed and waved at her with my right hand and responded, 'Nurse, same to you!'
14 Journey to Eternity
Out of curiosity I travelled to the foreign embassies in Lagos to seek for visa to Eternity. First of all, I went into the German Embassy and stood on the queue.
15 Fatal somersault
It is not only vehicles that can suffer from fatal somersault. ... Our democratic system is in shambles. The Executive Arm of our government has usurped the powers of the Legislature and the Judiciary.
16 Duplex for the dead
There is something new in town. The dead can now be committed to mother earth in a duplex.
17 Celebration of Failure
While other unsuccessful candidates were wailing over their failure, I was jubilating. In fact, I celebrated my failure as if I won a lottery.
18 Nigerians are hungry and angry
I asked him [My visiting German priest] as I was escorting him to the airport: 'What have you to say about Nigerians?' He emphatically stated, 'Nigerians are suffering but happy.'
19 The promotion of forgery
The other day I was watching an interesting but sorrowful local film involving a deceitful husband and his suspicious wife.
20 The Evil Masquerades
Anyone wearing a mask or disguising the face is known as a masquerade. Many women today have turned into masquerades by painting their faces in divergent colours, putting artificial long eyelashes, attaching artificial hairs and wearing strange dresses.

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