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101 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Back from sojourn
It was not an easy task. I travelled far and wide searching for Comfort as I promised, to bring her home to console Nigerians who have been living with Patience for a long time. It was indeed a sacrificial mission. I nearly lost my life but God rescued me....
102 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Living artificial life
Many women live artificial lives. They scrap off the natural eyebrows with razor blade sand draw their desired ones with eye pencil. ...they attach long artificial eyelashes and suppress the natural ones. ... Many women are today products of make-ups. In a...
103 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The democratic report card
No student marks his own examination paper. The Minister of Communication scores the Buhari Administration high. To make an impact, the Presidency must listen to the opinions of reasonable and ordinary Nigerians over his performance in the first two years...
104 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Growing high tension
According to the famous novelist Chinua Achebe, things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold. Nigerians are disgruntled and disunited. The high tension in this country is approaching the melting point. There is urgent need to put our house in...
105 Now is the time………. (1) -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Nigerian youths are telling the old men of Nigerian politics to take their exit for young talented intellectuals who will use their youthful energy and determination to bring about change that will make Nigeria a better place for all.
106 A rascal and desperate government -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The news that President Buhari is about to declare June 12 Democracy Day; and will honor Chiefs MKO Abiola and Gani Fawehinmi are a rascal but desperate move geared towards getting the Yoruba votes in the next presidential election.
107 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Keep quiet!
When everywhere is noisy, anything can follow. Nowadays we lack silent environment for sober reflection. What follows is evil. That is why today in Nigeria we are tormented by man-made evils. Armed robbers graduated as kidnappers; kidnapping gave birth to...
108 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - What a nonsensical nonsense!
A no nonsense woman was having a sumptuous supper with her lawful wedded husband in the nearby compound on a certain dreadful night. As the woman was about to take her own share of the chicken in the stew, her husband polluted the air, which sounded like...
109 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - God is Great!
The greatness of God should be manifested in good deeds and not in evil. Often evil men seem to thrive while the good suffer. Hence the Prophet Jeremiah contemplates on the prosperity of the wicked. He puts this question before God: 'Your uprightness is...
110 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Handover: Goodbye Jonathan! Welcome Buhari!
Our country Nigeria is about to make another political handover of power. This time it is like a friend handing over to a foe. However it does not matter so much, because I have read that in politics there is no permanent enemy.

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