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1 Nigeria World -- All About Nigeria News Headlines Articles and Culture
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 The ugliness of Year 2020
A certain young couple gave birth to non-bouncing ugly baby boy, who was born with long beard and thick hairy body. His face looked like the face of the jungle monkey.
3 Christmas is here
When we were little children, we looked forward happily to the coming of Christmas. For us then, Christmas is a day we put on new clothes, wear new shoes (even if it is rubber shoes), put on plastic eye-glasses, wear false wrist-watch and eat plenty of...
4 No mercy! No mercy!! No mercy!!!
I am disappointed. Do you know why? Since I dropped the 'no mercy' poison in my refectory to kill the stubborn rats, none of them has come again to eat at my table after supper. I am wondering if those stubborn rats have an informant.
5 Making Temporal and Eternal Plans
Few weeks ago, a certain priest packed his luggage in his car for a journey the next day. He went to bed with hope of getting up very early to celebrate Mass before setting out. Unfortunately he did not wake up on that morning.
6 The walking Corpse
A fortnight ago I had a nearly fatal home accident. It was on a Tuesday mid-day. I was coming out of my office, loaded with my laptop on my left hand and a heavy bag on my right hand. Immediately I set my right foot on newly laid slippery tiles, I lost...
7 Warehouse looting saga
...mother came back from farm. She went into the warehouse hopeful of dousing the hunger making noise in her stomach. She opened the swallow container as well as the snail soup pot and found them totally empty. By then my two friend looters have...
8 Enough is enough!
A certain Nigerian woman got married to a hopeless man. ... for fifteen odd years. ... two of the children are irresponsible like their father while the other two are as industrious and responsible as their mother. ... There is a limit to endurance.
9 Order! Order!! Order!!!
Once upon a time, out of my benevolence, I offered someone a lift in front of Governor's Lodge. As I was about to drive away, the policeman on duty accosted me and charged me for serious disorder. Unfortunately, I was not on my clerical attire on that...
10 "On this Nganga Mountain ." (Isaiah 25:6)
In this world of ours, we must climb mountains in order to enjoy divine banquet. That's why God through Prophet Isaiah assures us in these words [in] ... (Isaiah 25:6).

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