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1 Nigeria World -- All About Nigeria News Headlines Articles and Culture
Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general, from a Nigerian perspective.
2 Enough is enough!
A certain Nigerian woman got married to a hopeless man. ... for fifteen odd years. ... two of the children are irresponsible like their father while the other two are as industrious and responsible as their mother. ... There is a limit to endurance.
3 Order! Order!! Order!!!
Once upon a time, out of my benevolence, I offered someone a lift in front of Governor's Lodge. As I was about to drive away, the policeman on duty accosted me and charged me for serious disorder. Unfortunately, I was not on my clerical attire on that...
4 "On this Nganga Mountain ." (Isaiah 25:6)
In this world of ours, we must climb mountains in order to enjoy divine banquet. That's why God through Prophet Isaiah assures us in these words [in] ... (Isaiah 25:6).
5 From Grace to Grass
A young man living within my vicinity goes by the nickname GG. In full interpretation, some call him Golden Genuine because he likes any liquid in green bottle. Some call him Grace to Grass due to his attitudinal failure.
6 Nigeria's 60 years protracted illness
The patient who suffers from protracted illness prays for death. Recently I visited a twelve-year protracted ill patient for spiritual anointing. He was so worried and tired of living. He asked me to tell God to take away his life so that he may go and...
7 Coronavirus pandemic confusion
The coronavirus has enthroned the fear of virus above the fear of God. ... many adherents of Christianity and Islam have stumbled in their faith. Hence some no longer take the worship of God seriously. Some are asking: If God is all-powerful, where was He...
8 The Journey without return
He hurried with his bag to the motor park. Many buses where already there looking for passengers to their various destinations. When the loaders saw this seemingly gentleman, they asked him one after the other, 'Oga, where are you travelling to?' He smiled...
9 Human Life: How long or how well?
I remember vividly during my secondary school days at Aguata High School Aguata, how one of my classmates nearly caused me high blood pressure during one of our promotion examinations. The subject in question was Geography.
10 Eternal Journey without Luggage
A certain Nigerian woman, whose third daughter gave birth to her first child in London, was invited by her son-in-law to come and nurse her grand child and to stay with them for a period of time. She was so excited over the international invitation.

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