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91 Nigeriaworld -- Soludo's undemocratic selection portends more instability
The other issue is that if we believe what we are reading now that 36 of the 46 aspirants have suddenly started supporting Soludo, then PDP or Soludo himself may have promised these 36 folks heaven and earth if allowed to fly the gubernatorial flag. By...
92 Nigeriaworld -- Don't treat all deportees like criminals
Non-criminal deportees should first be debriefed, when they arrive, to determine what brought about their deportation. Those with academic qualifications should be provided with employment leads, and those proficient in any trades and want to engage in...
93 Nigeriaworld -- Health concerns trigger clamp down on bakeries that use potassium bromate
...with the current situation in Nigeria, we cannot afford to wait for clear and convincing evidence that potassium bromate causes cancer in humans before strictly enforcing the ban on its use.
94 Nigeriaworld -- Building remodeling and the issue of hazardous asbestos ceilings in Nigeria
The issue of remodeling existing homes, in Nigeria, has brought with it a very unique challenge. Most homes built in Nigeria before the 1990s, were built with asbestos ceilings! That was before Nigerians became aware of the negative health effects of...
95 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria's tacit love affair with military dictators
It is conceivable that after all the hue and cry about how IBB plundered the nation's treasury and formally instituted corruption and cronyism, Nigerians will still flock towards him [come 2007] when he opens the spigot of his financial pipeline and grease...
96 Nigeriaworld -- Deplorable condition of Nigerian roads - what we can do about it
Our contractors failed because they lack the sense of pride that patriotic citizens in a progressive nation have. This pride motivates contractors to strive to construct the best roads they possibly can as a legacy for which they would be remembered.
97 Nigeriaworld -- Is Orji Kalu grieving more than the bereaved?
If Kalu feels that he is the most affected by this tragedy, how about the relatives and husband of the first lady? In Igboland, when a man starts grieving more than the bereaved, he is regarded with suspicion. ... What was the symbolism of a 7-day mourning...
98 Nigeriaworld -- Oputa's disappointing final act - the naysayers prevailed!
It is now clear to me that the Oputa commission was perfunctory in nature; it served no real purpose. As part of its achievements, Justice Oputa listed the reconciliation between Danjuma and Umaru Dikko. Who cares that Danjuma reconciled with Umaru Dikko...
99 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria's press and the politics of puppeteering, moneybagism and hollow campaign promises
Nigeria's mainstream press should not allow politicians to seduce them to a point where they lose their objectivity or fail to ask the tough questions. The absence of objectivity and consequent inability to ask tough and incisive questions by the press is...
100 Nigeriaworld -- Ostentation - Is it helping or hurting Nigerians?
I have wondered if they [Rich Nigerians] understand that by simply bringing their fellow rich ones together and pulling their resources together, they could build state of the art medical clinics...manned by [our] brilliant...practitioners who could...

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