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91 Nigeriaworld -- The ADC air crash
Concern now is that Borishade's replacement, Fani Kayode, may not know any better. Kayode's servile loyalty to the president may actually preclude him from providing what Nigerians need in the aviation industry....
92 Nigeriaworld -- Adamu Ciroma's deed is done but is he really a patriot or just self-serving tribal jingoist?
As for Ciroma, one is sure that he is sitting back and feeling good that he injected the tribal card into the 2011 presidential race. If the small fire he has now lit, later develops into an inferno, he should be willing to step forward and take...
93 Nigeriaworld -- My flight into the not-so International Port Harcourt Airport (Part 1)
When we finally entered the arrival hall of the Port Harcourt airport, I was even more disappointed. Nothing in that room made me feel like I was in the arrival hall of an international airport. Bags, probably from previous flights, were scattered all...
94 Nigeriaworld -- My Visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part 2)
The issue of armed escorts in Nigeria is assuming an alarming proportion. Everyone with money these days has armed escorts. My question is simple: Who regulates their activities? Who controls who should carry weapons or not?
95 Nigeriaworld -- Enugu Election Tribunal ruling: A sweet bombshell!
Poor Sullivan Chime! The man fainted at the parade grounds a few days ago in Enugu and later told reporters that it was due to the normal rigors of the gubernatorial job. Now we know what rigors he was actually referring to. He must have had some inkling...
96 Nigeriaworld -- Bribery - a necessity in the Nigerian police force?
Clearly, two wrongs do not make a right but if the leaders have failed to address the problems facing the police, then frankly speaking, the blame for the crimes of the police must be placed squarely on the doorsteps of the government.
97 Nigeriaworld -- My Visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part One)
Perpetual and incessant suffering seem to have hardened Nigerians to the point where they no longer worry about their health and welfare. They knowingly buy food cooked near open sewers; they stand around without raising alarm while unscrupulous elements...
98 Nigeriaworld -- Macabre discovery in Okija, Anambra State!
Achuzia's defense [that the shrines were not new in the Nigerian tradition and was not worth publicizing because it portrays Igbos as cannibals] sounds similar to Obasanjo's image project where the president was saying that Nigerians should cover our bad...
99 Nigeriaworld -- My 2008 December trip to Nigeria - Part 1 - Impressed by Asaba Airport project
It was with the cynicism engendered by the elusive Oba airport project that I approached the news of a proposed airport at Asaba, Delta State. Granted, I loved the idea of an airport in Asaba because I imagined that it would almost play the same...
100 Nigeriaworld -- My visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part 3)
Right before my very eyes, the man that fell off the Okada bike quickly got up, picked up his now soggy bag and started laughing hysterically. He was still standing inside the puddle while water dripped down his pants! I was stunned.

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