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81 Nigeriaworld -- Good news coming from Anambra state?
The giddiness is from relief that thousands of honest working men and women, in my state of origin, are suddenly beginning to feel like they are human beings again. They are becoming happy as should and it is one's fervent hope that this trend be...
82 Nigeriaworld -- The ADC air crash
Concern now is that Borishade's replacement, Fani Kayode, may not know any better. Kayode's servile loyalty to the president may actually preclude him from providing what Nigerians need in the aviation industry....
83 Nigeriaworld -- Oputa's overtures towards former heads of State versus the new Senate bill on coupists - An ambivalence of sorts
Simple logic dictates that you emulate or seek recommendation from someone who did well or someone who is doing well. Why are we doing it the other way round? Why are we going backwards by asking for advice from those who failed us?
84 Nigeriaworld -- Election nullifications - Is Nigeria finally on the path to true democracy?
The sound ruling in Adamawa is not the same as that of Rivers State where Celestine Omehia was removed and immediately replaced by Amechi. That was a travesty of justice and poor judgment on the part of the Supreme Court. Amechi was not elected by the...
85 Nigeriaworld -- Belief in Voodoo - A threat to holistic progress in Nigeria (Part 2 of 2)
Well, because of Adijat's belief in voodoo, she began to consider her options in the diabolic realm. First, she confided in a neighbor that shared the same belief with her, a man known as Manifa. Feeling empowered to act on her behalf, Manifa went to see a...
86 Nigeriaworld -- Belief in Voodoo - A threat to holistic progress in Nigeria (Part 1 of 2)
The reader may pass off belief in voodoo as something prevalent only amongst people in the lower rung of the social and economic ladder or the less educated. The truth is that this belief permeates every facet of the society. Even many of the so-called...
87 Nigeriaworld -- Tribute to General Philip Effiong: A Biafran hero is gone
The Biafran hero with the heart of gold is gone; A reverent place in the hearts of many he occupies; The General who saved the lives of many; The brave General with grace, dignity and candor
88 Nigeriaworld -- University of Nigeria Alumni gathers in Atlanta to ''Restore the Dignity of Man''
I left University of Nigeria 27 years ago. Armed with a first professional degree in architecture, I felt well-equipped and enormously confident to face the professional challenges that life was bound to throw at me. My indebtedness to the University, for...
89 Nigeriaworld -- Industrial buildings in residential neighborhoods in Nigeria - Any health risks?
People should become more aware of what is happening where they live in Nigeria....It seems as though every time you call Nigeria, there is always a story of a young person having passed away inexplicably! Some people attribute these deaths to diabolism...
90 Nigeriaworld -- Preparing the throne for Andy Uba
A few days ago, the Appeal court sitting in Awka, supposedly deliberating on a case brought by the erstwhile governor of Anambra state, adjourned sine die- indefinitely. The crux of the case is that Uba, in a motion brought by his attorneys, prayed the...

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