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81 Nigeriaworld -- Yar'Adua not ready to lead Nigeria
The latest rumor is that the president has suddenly realized that his administration has a lot of performance shortcomings and so will shakeup his cabinet. Duh! We have been hearing about the cabinet shakeup for a while now but just like other things this...
82 Nigeriaworld -- Celebrating Nigeria at 50 at Harvard University: My trip to Boston
One of the events planned for the Harvard event was book signings by Diaspora Nigeria authors. That was the event that brought the Okonkwos, the Ekekes, the Akintides and the Uzokwes to the gathering. One thing struck me when two young Nigerians came over...
83 Nigeriaworld -- Optimism as Nigerians in South Central Pennsylvania celebrate Nigerian Independence
Nigerians in South central Pennsylvania capped off activities commemorating Nigeria's independence anniversary with her 8th annual dinner banquet on Saturday, October 13, 2001.
84 Nigeriaworld -- Favoritism in the name of rule of law
With the latest assault of the attorney general on the corruption war, what Nigerians are witnessing is a case of this administration trying to get legitimacy anyway it could, even if it means opening the gates of Kirikiri prison for felons. And they do...
85 Nigeriaworld -- Tarnishing Nigeria's image abroad - The case of Amina Lawal and the death sentence
It Implies the supremacy of men but someone should tell the clerics that the practice of relegating women to second class is old-fashioned and must be stopped.
86 Nigeriaworld -- Bombshell as Chris Uba admits rigging Anambra elections for PDP victory
Is it possible that he was not saying the truth but wanted to do whatever it took to dethrone Dr. Ngige? That is possible but all indications after the 2003 elections pointed to the fact that APGA won the Anambra gubernatorial elections.
87 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo versus Atiku: For the good of Nigeria or a witch-hunt?
One good thing that has already come out of this whole brouhaha...In response to Atiku's letter asserting that his civil rights, as a sitting vice president, were being trampled, the president responded ''....immunity...does not include investigation.''...
88 Nigeriaworld -- Orji Kalu and the politics of self interest - He wants Biafrans to apologize!
If on the other hand, by saying that he was not part of Biafra war, he meant that he was on the side of Nigeria during the war, like Ukpabi Asika and his likes, then it is easy to understand why he is faulting Biafrans for defending themselves.
89 Nigeriaworld -- Muffling freedom of speech in the name of national security
I have read and re-read all the statements that Shehu Garba made so far. I wanted to see for myself where national security may have been undermined. So far, I have not seen it. How could the revelation that the president bought a jeep prado for the wife...
90 Nigeriaworld -- Orji Kalu finally admits, ''IBB is part of a process that made me''
By having one leg in Babangida's camp and the other in Atiku's, he wants to ensure that whichever one of the men wins the impending political duel, he (Kalu) would stand in good stead in the person's eyes.

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