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81 Nigeriaworld -- Remaking Nigeria's foreign image - Obasanjo is right, but...
If Nigeria is seen by other countries to be policing herself and her citizens with stiff penalties for crimes committed outside and inside Nigeria, they may no longer see the need to be punishing all of Nigeria for crimes committed by a few.
82 Nigeriaworld -- My visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part 4)
Erosion, which was seriously threatening the school grounds, had claimed a sizeable portion of the school field. It had shrunk so badly that for one to complete a 100-meter race, one would almost have to run around it one and half times! I looked back and...
83 Nigeriaworld -- My flight into the not-so International Port Harcourt Airport (Part II)
If the airport had ample space and people queued inside and merely walked up to a counter to check in, all the hassles, the tugging, the sweating, the cursing and altercation going on would be non-existent. An airport where passengers have to queue outside...
84 Nigeriaworld -- On the lighter side...
These days, sometimes you would see someone pacing a parking lot or an open space, seemingly talking to herself or himself and smiling broadly. When I was still growing up in Nnewi, when you saw such things, you instantly assumed that the person was...
85 Nigeriaworld -- A worthy medical mission to Anambra State by Diaspora organization
It is exceedingly important that this mission succeed and succeed mightily. The success of the mission will influence how others with similar plans, but waiting in the wings, would act in the future. The government of Anambra state must ensure that all...
86 Nigeriaworld -- Collectively, we have failed Nigeria! - Part I
I make bold to say that the reason why IBB is unperturbed by the tide of public opinion against him, and continues to forge ahead with his quest for the presidency, is simple. He knows that when the time comes, many Nigerians will gravitate towards him to...
87 Nigeriaworld -- Bombshell as Chris Uba admits rigging Anambra elections for PDP victory
Is it possible that he was not saying the truth but wanted to do whatever it took to dethrone Dr. Ngige? That is possible but all indications after the 2003 elections pointed to the fact that APGA won the Anambra gubernatorial elections.
88 Nigeriaworld -- Haiti on my Mind
As a result of the magnanimity of the world, I believe that this tragedy shall pass. Inspite of the tragic pictures of privation we are seeing on TV and gut wrenching photographs of piles of bodies lined up along sidewalks, Haiti shall rise again. Despite...
89 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's volte-face on Yar'Adua: Remorse or political calculation? Part 1
Obasanjo's volte-face came as a shock to many, considering the passion with which he defended his choice of Yar'Adua in 2006. Questions are now being asked and eye brows are being raised. Nigerians are wondering why Obasanjo has suddenly turned against the...
90 Nigeriaworld -- Renewed crisis in Anambra state - who is to blame?
If this is all being perpetrated from Abuja, then it is because Abuja has willing accomplices in some Igbo men in the state. The issue that the Igbos should now work out is how to get these greedy men in our midst to change their evil ways or face dire...

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