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71 Nigeriaworld -- Of anti-bullet charms and armed robbery in Nigeria
The healers should be brought into police confidence and made to provide information about clients coming to look for anti-bullet charms. With that type of information, the police could infiltrate the ranks of potential robbers....
72 Nigeriaworld -- War on Corruption: Is Obasanjo capitulating?
After reading the comment made by an American envoy in Nigeria, one became convinced that skeptical Nigerians were not alone in their concerns. The American envoy hailed the anti-corruption war alright, but cautioned that they need to start hearing about...
73 Nigeriaworld -- National Dialogue: Remaking Nigeria in Obasanjo's image?
Nigerians have seen how selected people operate. The memory of the 2003 elections is still with Nigerians.... The big problem now is this: whatever comes out of the conference will not carry legitimacy because of the way it was set up and delegates...
74 Nigeriaworld -- In desperate need of a national airline (Part 1)
Douglas thought that his biggest headache was the fact that he had to travel through Europe and spend needless time in the airport there. He was therefore unprepared for the next shocker he was to face. When he told the airline lady that he was going to...
75 Nigeriaworld -- If Ngige must go, Obasanjo should follow
...relieving Ngige of the governorship position will hurt the people of Anambra state. They have come to rely on him for infrastructure improvements, payment of teachers' salaries and general development of the state. ...they believe that it may be...
76 Nigeriaworld -- Asylum for every Tom, Dick and Harry: What's Obasanjo's motive?
Even Aristide does not want Nigeria! Good heavens. Aristide must have been reading the newspapers and seen that living in Nigeria is a daily challenge - a place where political assassinations are rampant, a place where robbers cause daily anxiety, a place...
77 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo must stop ''passing the buck'' and start solving problems
It is bad enough that we have all these problems in the nation but the most devastating part is that the man that is being looked up to for solutions is 'passing the buck'. He continues to whine about the problems, pointing the finger of blame in all...
78 Nigeriaworld -- War on corruption: Good developments but the President must do more
The issue is not that there is corruption in Nigeria.... What is important is that when corruption takes place, the culprits are caught, prosecuted and put away. That is what happens in western countries and if Obasanjo continues in the same way things may...
79 Nigeriaworld -- State of emergency in Plateau - Obasanjo's continued intransigence
In reading through the president's broadcast, I had no other choice than to assume that this was not just a case of invoking the constitution to bring things under control. There seems to be a case of struggle for supremacy.
80 Nigeriaworld -- Remaking Nigeria's foreign image - Obasanjo is right, but...
If Nigeria is seen by other countries to be policing herself and her citizens with stiff penalties for crimes committed outside and inside Nigeria, they may no longer see the need to be punishing all of Nigeria for crimes committed by a few.

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