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61 Nigeriaworld -- Ojukwu: Revisionists and Opportunists springing out of the woodworks
Ojukwu was different things to different people. Some simply saw him as the bright and well-spoken oxford university graduate that exuded an immense amount of confidence at every turn. To others, especially those from the other side of the divide, during...
62 Nigeriaworld -- Talent, Intellect and Beauty versus Kampeism: Where does Nigeria stand?
...we must all be cognizant of what we do wherever we are; we are always Nigeria's ambassadors and in a little way, that Country is being judged daily by what we individually do.
63 Nigeriaworld -- Collectively, we have failed Nigeria! - Part I
I make bold to say that the reason why IBB is unperturbed by the tide of public opinion against him, and continues to forge ahead with his quest for the presidency, is simple. He knows that when the time comes, many Nigerians will gravitate towards him to...
64 Nigeriaworld -- As Nigeria turns 41, time for deep reflections: Concerned Nigerian responds
One thing I have observed about Nigerians and Nigerians abroad in particular those in the USA is that, we seem to know or have the answers. However, the sacrifice of packing up our bags and going to leave in Nigeria.... -- Pate
65 Nigeriaworld -- My wish for the New Year
The year 2010 was now knocking on our collective doors. Have I made productive use of 2009? I wondered. At this juncture, my mind went off into the twilight. I began to make a mental picture of my triumphs and disappointments for the year. ... it dawned on...
66 Nigeriaworld -- Rising incidence of building collapse in Nigeria; Any remedy?
I agree with NIA that quacks who parade themselves as qualified professionals are inexorably contributing to the upsurge in the incidence of structure failures in Nigeria; however, the problem goes deeper than that....
67 Nigeriaworld -- Free election promise: Can Iwu be believed?
The long and short of it is that Iwu's current pronouncements do not match his past records. It is therefore hard to believe that he is a changed man. Nigerians, and indeed Anambra state citizens, must not take him at his word. Citizens must be watchful...
68 Nigeriaworld -- Adamu Ciroma's deed is done but is he really a patriot or just self-serving tribal jingoist?
As for Ciroma, one is sure that he is sitting back and feeling good that he injected the tribal card into the 2011 presidential race. If the small fire he has now lit, later develops into an inferno, he should be willing to step forward and take...
69 Nigeriaworld -- Of 2003 elections and Igbo presidential aspirants (Part 1)
The general argument that many now adduce while discouraging the endorsement of Dr. Okadigbo as the Igbo candidate is that with the albatross of corruption hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles, what locus standi would he have, if elected, to...
70 Nigeriaworld -- Immunity my foot! - Arrest Alamieyesiegha and jail Balogun for years
...there has to be a way to legally and cleanly repatriate Alamieyesiegha to Britain to face his jail sentence. Balogun should be sent to jail for ten years or more. The world is watching and other white collar criminals in Nigeria are watching. This two...

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