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61 Nigeriaworld -- Injured Biafran war veterans at Oji River: Abandoned and neglected
By implication, the story of the heritage and ancestry of Emeka Okafor and many other Igbos like him would never be complete without a mention of the bravery of men like the ones at the Oji River.
62 Nigeriaworld -- Debt Relief: Obasanjo deserves commendation but...
So will General Obasanjo seek to utilize the savings from the debt forgiveness judiciously? Will he, instead, fritter away this opportunity and again direct the money into the hands of his millionaire businessmen friends in Nigeria?
63 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo the judge, jury and...
One question that begs for answer, as the president parades himself as the judge and jury, is this: who would judge him in an event where allegation of wrong doing is leveled against him or members of his executive staff or those close to them?
64 Nigeriaworld -- IBB laud's anti-graft war?
If Babangida wants Nigerians to believe that he supports the [corruption] war, there are many things he needs to do. For starters, he needs to declare his current assets and then tell Nigerians how he amassed them with his military salary. Anything less...
65 Nigeriaworld -- AIDS now an epidemic in Nigeria
I have always wondered if Nigeria would be able to handle a real health epidemic if it ever occurred...Many Nigerian-trained medical professionals have left the country in search of greener pastures. Many of those still in the country practice with one...
66 Nigeriaworld -- In desperate need of a national airline (Part II)
''If Nigeria had a national carrier, this insult would not be taking place'', he muttered under his breadth. ''Were you talking to me?'' the immigration official said in a thickly accented English as he finally handed his passport to him, ''No'', Douglas...
67 Nigeriaworld -- The Igbo project and those looking in from the outside
To realize the Igbo goal of total integration into the political mainstream in Nigeria and banish marginalization forever, every Igbo man or woman has to take up one responsibility or another.
68 Nigeriaworld -- Presidential Library: Who is Aso Rock fooling?
The issue of the establishment of a presidential library and Bells University may not be illegal, but there are ethical questions to be answered. If Obasanjo must win the corruption war, he must place himself on a high moral and ethical pedestal. So far,...
69 Nigeriaworld -- Only God can stop Babangida from 2007?
One may feel that the statement was the height of arrogance considering that he was addressing the people he oppressed economically for 8 years. However, in reality, he knows that it takes very little to sway the stance of the average Nigerian.
70 Nigeriaworld -- President Obasanjo's ambivalence on Tafa Balogun
The real surprise is the fact that he [Tafa Balogun] was caught in office; that part is un-Nigerian because Nigerian white-collar criminals normally serve out their terms in office and then retire with hill top mansions, personal jets and more money than...

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