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51 Nigeriaworld -- The day Chris Uba shocked Nnewi
...when Uba threw a handful of money in the direction of the musician's backup singers and instrumentalists, some of them seemed to forget that they were supposed to concentrate on the instruments they were playing.
52 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria's press and the politics of puppeteering, moneybagism and hollow campaign promises
Nigeria's mainstream press should not allow politicians to seduce them to a point where they lose their objectivity or fail to ask the tough questions. The absence of objectivity and consequent inability to ask tough and incisive questions by the press is...
53 Nigeriaworld -- Ostentation - Is it helping or hurting Nigerians?
I have wondered if they [Rich Nigerians] understand that by simply bringing their fellow rich ones together and pulling their resources together, they could build state of the art medical clinics...manned by [our] brilliant...practitioners who could...
54 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's political game of honoring IBB, Buhari and Tafa Balogun
It would be interesting to see how Nigerians react to the recognition of those who ruined the country's economy and a police chief that has done nothing to make the lives of the people better and safer.
55 Nigeriaworld -- Is Nigeria cursed?
Nigeria's problems are man-made; the people who live in it are bad; those in leadership positions are terrible. Other countries experience the travails we have but their sense of patriotism, honor, duty and country, transcend their selfish interests.
56 Nigeriaworld -- As Nigeria turns 42, a look at the quest for Igbo presidency
When Igbos call for an Igbo president for Nigeria.... They are well aware that there are people in their midst, who parade themselves as leaders, yet are hollow in their thoughts...what Igbos are really looking for is a capable president of Igbo...
57 Nigeriaworld -- Of 2003 elections and Igbo presidential aspirants (Part 2)
Some might wonder why this writer comes across as bitter with respect to Biafra war issues. Well, need I explain that I lost my maternal grandfather, uncles, great uncles and scores of extended relatives during the Asaba massacre? To anyone who does not...
58 Nigeriaworld -- Tribute to General Philip Effiong: A Biafran hero is gone
The Biafran hero with the heart of gold is gone; A reverent place in the hearts of many he occupies; The General who saved the lives of many; The brave General with grace, dignity and candor
59 Nigeriaworld -- Optimism as Nigerians in South Central Pennsylvania celebrate Nigerian Independence
Nigerians in South central Pennsylvania capped off activities commemorating Nigeria's independence anniversary with her 8th annual dinner banquet on Saturday, October 13, 2001.
60 Nigeriaworld -- Pre-paid phone calling cards and the deception some makers peddle
The principle of pay-as-you-talk, using a phonecard, is very appealing. However, some of the card makers, in an attempt to make quick cash, are bastardizing it. It is therefore imperative that the user adhere to the Latin maxim of Buyer beware.

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