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41 Nigeriaworld -- Health concerns trigger clamp down on bakeries that use potassium bromate
...with the current situation in Nigeria, we cannot afford to wait for clear and convincing evidence that potassium bromate causes cancer in humans before strictly enforcing the ban on its use.
42 Nigeriaworld -- Orji Kalu and the politics of self interest - He wants Biafrans to apologize!
If on the other hand, by saying that he was not part of Biafra war, he meant that he was on the side of Nigeria during the war, like Ukpabi Asika and his likes, then it is easy to understand why he is faulting Biafrans for defending themselves.
43 Nigeriaworld -- Critiquing the critics: Of Internet commentaries and commentators
...we should also be amenable to constructive criticisms... The only type of criticisms that should always be viewed with suspicion or ignored are those born out of malice, lack substance and are only geared towards denigrating commentators.
44 Nigeriaworld -- Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos may collapse?
A few months ago, experts reported that the multi-billion naira Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, had developed structural problems, which could make it go the way of Ijora by-pass bridge. Specifically, the bridge pavement surface had become uneven and the...
45 Nigeriaworld -- Orji Kalu finally admits, ''IBB is part of a process that made me''
By having one leg in Babangida's camp and the other in Atiku's, he wants to ensure that whichever one of the men wins the impending political duel, he (Kalu) would stand in good stead in the person's eyes.
46 Nigeriaworld -- Good news coming from Anambra state?
The giddiness is from relief that thousands of honest working men and women, in my state of origin, are suddenly beginning to feel like they are human beings again. They are becoming happy as should and it is one's fervent hope that this trend be...
47 Nigeriaworld -- Six months before elections, Nigerian Senators pardon their indicted colleagues - where is the outrage?
It is clear from Senator Aluko's statement, that he was worried about the upcoming elections and how his constituents would perceive him, since he was also indicted in the report. He wanted to be given a clean bill of health, so...the indictment would not...
48 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria's tacit love affair with military dictators
It is conceivable that after all the hue and cry about how IBB plundered the nation's treasury and formally instituted corruption and cronyism, Nigerians will still flock towards him [come 2007] when he opens the spigot of his financial pipeline and grease...
49 Nigeriaworld -- Of 2003 elections and Igbo presidential aspirants (Part 1)
The general argument that many now adduce while discouraging the endorsement of Dr. Okadigbo as the Igbo candidate is that with the albatross of corruption hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles, what locus standi would he have, if elected, to...
50 Nigeriaworld -- Impeachment, political opportunism and the Nigerian factor
All these statements coming from IBB and his cohorts point to the fact that they may just be gloating over the impeachment move on Obasanjo. What IBB does not understand is that if Obasanjo's offenses are twenty in number, then IBB's offenses double that...

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