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41 Nigeriaworld -- Is Nigeria cursed?
Nigeria's problems are man-made; the people who live in it are bad; those in leadership positions are terrible. Other countries experience the travails we have but their sense of patriotism, honor, duty and country, transcend their selfish interests.
42 Nigeriaworld -- Sanusi Lamido versus the National Assembly: Strip them of all the financial excesses!
First of all, it is worth observing that this seemingly unassuming man has done something that is uncommon in Nigeria. He stood firm and held on to what he believed was the truth not minding the fact that his job was on the line. When he sensed that the...
43 Nigeriaworld -- My visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part 4)
Erosion, which was seriously threatening the school grounds, had claimed a sizeable portion of the school field. It had shrunk so badly that for one to complete a 100-meter race, one would almost have to run around it one and half times! I looked back and...
44 Nigeriaworld -- A tribute to mothers
If I may borrow from Prince Nico Mbarga of the blessed memory: “Sweet mother, I no go forget you, for the suffer wey you suffer for me.”
45 Beware of those social media messages you forward! You could inadvertently be spreading dangerous and false information -- Nigeriaworld
It was unbelievable the effect the WhatsApp message had on citizens of the south east. Just a day after I saw the message, all hell broke lose in the south east!
46 Nigeriaworld -- Danger lurking in our skies
Talking about flying blind ... The near mishap of the governor of Akwa Ibom's airplane should be a wake up call for NAMA to live up to expectation. It is important that all aircrafts are subjected to the right level of scrutiny to ensure that they not only...
47 Nigeriaworld -- Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos may collapse?
A few months ago, experts reported that the multi-billion naira Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, had developed structural problems, which could make it go the way of Ijora by-pass bridge. Specifically, the bridge pavement surface had become uneven and the...
48 Nigeriaworld -- Renewed crisis in Anambra state - who is to blame?
If this is all being perpetrated from Abuja, then it is because Abuja has willing accomplices in some Igbo men in the state. The issue that the Igbos should now work out is how to get these greedy men in our midst to change their evil ways or face dire...
49 Nigeriaworld -- Good news coming from Anambra state?
The giddiness is from relief that thousands of honest working men and women, in my state of origin, are suddenly beginning to feel like they are human beings again. They are becoming happy as should and it is one's fervent hope that this trend be...
50 Nigeriaworld -- The ADC air crash
Concern now is that Borishade's replacement, Fani Kayode, may not know any better. Kayode's servile loyalty to the president may actually preclude him from providing what Nigerians need in the aviation industry....

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