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31 Nigeria: Stigma of Coronavirus affliction could be impeding accurate reporting and the fight against the contagion
Judging from what the whole world is going through, with respect to this coronavirus, Nigeria has so far been lucky. In fact, Africa has been lucky.
32 Nigeria: Herding and flogging humans like animals in the name of enforcing “stay home” order
Yes, Nigerians need to abide by the order. One can ask why people are still in the streets, basically contravening the stay at home order. I ask that question too.
33 Fight against Coronavirus in Nigeria must include sanitary/sterile hospitals and hospital staff
Yes, these measures are going to be very challenging to many, especially Nigerians in the lowest rung of the economic ladder. These are people who survive, on a daily basis.... let me remind all Nigerians that there is a very crucial part of the fight...
34 Citizens of other nations now live longer, why can’t Nigerians? – Part 4 of 4
Medical malpractice in Nigeria is not helping longevity: ... a relative lost his sight, in Nigeria, because of the carelessness of the surgeon. The standby generator was not functional when the main power source went off, in mid surgery.
35 Citizens of other nations now live longer, why can’t Nigerians? – Part 3 of 4 Nigeria where self-medication is the norm. When people feel sick, they assume they know what ails them. They easily walk into a pharmacy, buy any medication and commence a treatment course. ... So while they treat a phantom ailment, the real ailment...
36 Citizens of other nations now live longer, why can’t Nigerians? – Part 2 of 4
Some believe that one only needs a doctor when one is sick. Trying to convince me that he was healthy, a contemporary in Nigeria told me that he last saw a doctor “five years ago”. He did not understand that every ailment goes through different stages of...
37 Citizens of other nations now live longer, why can’t Nigerians? – Part 1 of 4
The idea of a doctor using medical information about a patient and family members to design medical checkups sound so simple but that remains elusive in Nigeria for many reasons.
38 Nigeriaworld Letters & Viewpoints (Spindoctoring a blunder)
...I wish to take very strong exception to ThisDay's obviously calculated effort to spin doctor this Minister's indecency into a momentary lapse in discretion for which a mere apology would suffice.
39 Build The second Niger Bridge - Stop the Politics now!
As the Buhari administration churned and chugged along, all manners of deception, by acolytes of the administration, especially those from the south east, became the order of the day. Sometimes, they would post fake pictures of a bridge construction...
40 Lives are on the line - Build a second Niger Bridge now!
As it is today, the current bridge has a lot of problems. Some heavy vehicle drivers who use it have reportedly complained that it vibrates as they drive by. Granted, bridges are designed to experience and absorb a certain amount of dynamic forces during...

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