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31 Nigeriaworld -- When political Generals clash, the country learns more about the fleecing of Nigeria...
I must say that I welcome the fireworks going back and forth between the political Generals; I hope they would continue to expose themselves as the electioneering campaign heats up. As they call one another names, I assume they would not fail to say things...
32 Nigeriaworld -- And so Gobir died, shot point blank on the head elections come around, Nigerians should realize that one of the answers to stemming the tide of political violence, is the development of a viable economy where our youth would feel like they have a future. Inotherwords, as president Clinton would...
33 Nigeriaworld -- Devastating effects of pollution in Nigeria (Part I)
Nigeria is gradually being condemned to desolation and barrenness by sustained and unmitigated pollution of her air, land and sea; sometimes one wonders what the state of the health of Nigerians would be in the next 20 years given the sustained and...
34 Nigeriaworld -- Party opposition to Obasanjo's administration may be good for Nigeria's development
Realization that its programs will be dissected, analyzed, vilified, exposed and even exploited by the opposition, will force the government to strive for the best to avoid having its programs rubbished.
35 Nigeriaworld -- Why would anyone want to die for Nigeria?
This is a nation where the common criminal is instantly set on fire but those who rob the country of billions, with the pen, go free. ...where people are denigrated just because of their ethnicity.... ...where your chances of succeeding nationally as a...
36 Nigeriaworld -- ''Divide and dominate'' - Obj's subliminal policy towards Anambra and S.E. States
Anambra and other southeastern states are fast turning into leaderless states, a free for all society where anything goes. People in those states no longer seem to think about the collective progress of Ndigbo, instead, they seem to be willing to do...
37 Nigeriaworld -- Anambra Imbroglio - The blame and penalty must go around
It is easy for the people of Anambra state and Nigeria to be hung up on the fact that he was abducted. ...It must however be noted that the actions of the governor are practically as egregious as those of his political godfathers; I do not understand how...
38 Nigeriaworld -- Oh, my Anambra State!
The land of my forebears lay desolate and barren; Desecrated by men who pretend to serve; Kingmakers who milk the treasury,; And hold the kings they make in bondage; Natives sleep with eyes open; Lest they go the way of their disenchanted brethren.
39 Nigeriaworld -- The negative effects of ''dirty'' and irresponsible musical lyrics on our young ones
In this age of Internet, satellite TV, GSM phones and the rest, even kids growing up in Nigeria are not in any way shielded from the negative influence of rap music, rock music, TV, radio and the likes.
40 Nigeriaworld -- Tarnishing Nigeria's image abroad - The case of Amina Lawal and the death sentence
It Implies the supremacy of men but someone should tell the clerics that the practice of relegating women to second class is old-fashioned and must be stopped.

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