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21 Nigeriaworld -- ALFRED UZOKWE
Uzokwe's Searchlight NIGERIAWORLD COLUMNIST Recent Articles The book, Surviving in Biafra ALSO SEE: SurvivinginBiafra.COM Alfred Obiora Uzokwe, after his National Youth Service Corps program at the Federal Ministry of Works, Lagos Nigeria, worked as...
22 Nigeriaworld -- Rudderless at a critical moment in time
It is unclear the reason why the president has not ceded authority to his deputy but whatever the reason, he must understand that Nigeria's name is on the verge of total stigmatization. The president's actions or inactions will determine whether the damage...
23 Nigeriaworld -- Using humor to play down hardship in Naija
Nigerians were once branded the happiest people on earth. That sounded crazy at the time but it was just an affirmation of the song penned many years ago by the indefatigable Fela Kuti. He called it ''Suffering and Smiling.'' Fela was depicting a nation...
24 Nigeriaworld -- Collectively, we have failed Nigeria! - Part II
It is a shame that one cannot get anything meaningful, in Nigeria, without bribing someone. Careful observation shows that those Nigerians that have perfected the act of bribery and corruption seem to be getting well ahead of the others that have shunned...
25 Nigeriaworld -- FROM THE ARCHIVES: Ojukwu's Biafra memoir - Things I'd still like to know
The subject of the Biafran war remains a passion that would probably never abate in me and many others. Even though I was very young when it started and ended, I still vividly recall the events that probably altered the course of my life and that of many....
26 Nigeriaworld -- Of 2003 elections and Igbo presidential aspirants (Part 2)
Some might wonder why this writer comes across as bitter with respect to Biafra war issues. Well, need I explain that I lost my maternal grandfather, uncles, great uncles and scores of extended relatives during the Asaba massacre? To anyone who does not...
27 Nigeriaworld -- Medical Emergency: Yaradua needs to heed this call now
While I wish the president speedy recovery, he must be reminded that Nigerians die each day because they cannot afford to be flown to Saudi Arabia, United States or Britain in medical emergencies such as his. When they have medical emergencies, the...
28 Nigeriaworld -- Sack Dupe Adelaja BUT Ndigbo must do more!
What disturbs me most about this is that the South East Governors who should band together, develop a common purse from which money could be pulled together to help the ex-soldiers have not done anything meaningful, instead they engage in unnecessary...
29 Nigeriaworld -- Ojukwu: Revisionists and Opportunists springing out of the woodworks
Ojukwu was different things to different people. Some simply saw him as the bright and well-spoken oxford university graduate that exuded an immense amount of confidence at every turn. To others, especially those from the other side of the divide, during...
30 Nigeriaworld -- Talent, Intellect and Beauty versus Kampeism: Where does Nigeria stand?
...we must all be cognizant of what we do wherever we are; we are always Nigeria's ambassadors and in a little way, that Country is being judged daily by what we individually do.

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