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21 Nigeriaworld -- Looking for decent and courageous men to save Nigeria!!
I wish that Nigeria could produce a decent leader that is beyond reproach; an advocate who would go up to the Paris Club, look them in their eyes, and effectively argue our case for debt forgiveness. That leader should be able to call a spade a spade and...
22 Nigeriaworld -- New mandate in Nigeria - Insure your building during construction or pay N250,000 penalty
...if this policy is strictly and uniformly enforced, it could become one of the best things that ever happened to the building industry and Nigerians in general.
23 Nigeriaworld -- How about the truth?
As long as the electorate remains uninformed or misinformed, the scenarios of April 12 and 19 will continue to repeat in Nigeria and as long as writers and commentators allow themselves to be constantly intimidated by "email tigers" into shying away from...
24 Nigeriaworld -- Tragedy in New Jersey - The heartbreaking death of Obinna Okoro
We watch over our youth, as they grow, just as we do spring flowers blooming in springtime. We strive to keep them away from danger and evil influences just as we remove killer weeds from the midst of our growing flowers to preclude them from being...
25 Nigeriaworld -- When good men err - the case of the President, Gani Fawehinmi and INEC
If he (Gani) follows through with his threats, thereby crippling Nigeria's struggling democracy, just because he feels wronged by INEC, critics would be left with no other choice than to brand him a selfish man. They would assert and rightly so, that he...
26 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's overseas medical trip - An ambivalence of sorts
Nigerians would not mind if the president picks out at least 6-existing hospitals or medical facilities in the nation and pump in enough money to make them some of the best in the world in terms of equipment, drugs, manpower and facility.
27 Nigeriaworld -- INEC must come clean but Gani should rescind his call
There is a group of people (willing to live with any repercussions on the masses, if Gani follows through with his threat) who left the shores of Nigeria because it became unbearable for them...they should not be supporting any action that would exacerbate...
28 Nigeriaworld -- Justifying the fuel price hike
Mr. president should use his high handedness to recover the loots that ex-military men stashed away in overseas countries while the masses are languishing in poverty and penury. He should use this high handedness to fight the scourge of 419 that is...
29 Nigeriaworld -- Tragedy in New Bodija, Ibadan! - On whose jurisdiction lies culpability?
Now, when one has to regret going back to one's land of birth, it underscores the need for very radical changes in our society. This is not just peculiar to Mr. Opere, I know Nigerians who went back home, only to start regretting it later.
30 Nigeriaworld -- Why Babangida cannot be probed? Give me a break!
The million-dollar question now is, why is the commission's mandate not retroactive? One would think that the goal of the anti-graft panel would be to investigate and find out what put Nigeria into this financial mess and then find a way to avoid a repeat?

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