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21 As Nigeria turns 60, I want Nigeria back!
So how did things degenerate to this abysmal level in Nigeria? I will answer by going down memory lane. In the end, I am almost certain that most well-meaning Nigerians would declare in unison - WE WANT NIGERIA BACK! We want Nigeria restored to the good...
22 To tame flooding and erosion in the South East, All Must Go Back to Basics – A Video Presentation
If you have ever travelled to south eastern Nigeria, and indeed most of southern Nigeria, during the rainy season, you will be amazed.
23 Diabetes: Nigerians Beware of this Silent Killer in the Era of Coronavirus (Part 2 of 2)
Many years ago, as a construction engineering inspector in Maryland, I worked with a project engineer, Mr. Buchanan (not his real name), on two bridge projects. Mr. Buchanan, a Caucasian, had a personal regimen that caught my attention as soon as I joined...
24 Diabetes: Nigerians Beware of this Silent Killer in the Era of Coronavirus (Part 1 of 2)
The question is, are Nigerians aware of all the diabetes complications and predispositions outlined above? ... those with underlying ailments, like diabetes, are more likely to lose their lives to COVID-19....
25 Tribute to Fathers on Fathers’ Day
When I became a father myself, it dawned on me that his unflinching love for his children informed every single action he took towards my siblings and I, even when it did not feel pleasant.
26 Why some residential buildings cost too much in Nigeria – Form not always following function (Part 1 of 2)
[As an architect] Yes, I was impressed by the aesthetics of the buildings, but the superfluity of some and the redundancy of many of the architectural elements, troubled me.
27 Nigerian youths need a chance just like I needed in 1985
Folks sometimes wonder why the youth are angry; we wonder why they are unruly; we wonder why they are always rambunctious. While I don’t make excuses for any unsavory actions, I wish to posit that a frustrated mind always seeks to equilibrate when all...
28 The intravenous drip epidemic in Nigeria
The drip epidemic in Nigeria today reminds me of a local medication that hawkers used to sell in buses or motor parks in Nigeria in the early 70s. It was called “Ikampower”.
29 Virtual Learning – Is it effective for science lab courses?
Ever since the stay at home order, occasioned by the pandemic, started, I have been following the update information from the desk of the president of my son’s college.
30 Nigeria: Anambra State relaxes lock down amidst assurances trailed by concerns
I must admit that I am a vanguard for the stay at home order, for now, to minimize the rate of spread of the disease. But based on the evidence the Governor adduced for his action, I have no basis to fault him.

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