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191 Nigeriaworld -- The uselessness of Nigeria's Senate Ministerial Screening Exercise
Interviewers are able to make the best hiring decisions based on whether the candidates' qualifications met the minimum requirements as enunciated in the job descriptions. ... The normal protocol, in any civilized environment, is for him to send the names...
192 Nigeriaworld -- Looking for decent and courageous men to save Nigeria!!
I wish that Nigeria could produce a decent leader that is beyond reproach; an advocate who would go up to the Paris Club, look them in their eyes, and effectively argue our case for debt forgiveness. That leader should be able to call a spade a spade and...
193 Nigeriaworld -- Be still thy Soul
Above the desolate land he towers,; Mission to exterminate; goal to dominate,; From the crowded fields of the West,; To the troubled lands of the East.; With unbridled hate and withering force,; He cows the populace to docility,;
194 Nigeriaworld -- A Broken Mission - Nigeria’s Failed Diplomacy in the Philippines and the Fight for Justice and Embassy Reform
All too often, some Nigerian diplomats in foreign nations arrogate unearned and unwarranted importance to themselves, effectively shutting out Nigerians that they are supposed to represent or serve in those nations. Sometimes it seems as if they think that...
195 Nigeriaworld -- If Ngige must go, Obasanjo should follow
...relieving Ngige of the governorship position will hurt the people of Anambra state. They have come to rely on him for infrastructure improvements, payment of teachers' salaries and general development of the state. ...they believe that it may be...
196 Nigeriaworld -- Asylum for every Tom, Dick and Harry: What's Obasanjo's motive?
Even Aristide does not want Nigeria! Good heavens. Aristide must have been reading the newspapers and seen that living in Nigeria is a daily challenge - a place where political assassinations are rampant, a place where robbers cause daily anxiety, a place...
197 Nigeriaworld -- The problem with the police is low morale not the uniform
I always marvel at how unkempt some of the policemen can be in their uniforms. Some do not see the need in washing, starching and ironing their uniforms resulting in very dirty and rumpled uniforms. I have even seen some in bathroom slippers while dressed...
198 Nigeriaworld -- Before you go to the polls next week
It is time for Nigerians to begin to ask questions of those that have now come back to ask for their votes again. Ask them to give specific account of their stewardship for the past four years. If I were a voter, I would ask my representatives what they...
199 Nigeriaworld -- Anambra Supreme Court Verdict - The hand of Obasanjo or the hand of God?
Assuming that Governor Ngige accepted Chris Uba's condition and opened the state coffers to him and his co-travelers, would he still have been removed from office? If Ngige regularly genuflected before the imperial president as others now do, would he have...
200 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo must stop ''passing the buck'' and start solving problems
It is bad enough that we have all these problems in the nation but the most devastating part is that the man that is being looked up to for solutions is 'passing the buck'. He continues to whine about the problems, pointing the finger of blame in all...

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