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181 Nigeriaworld -- Is EFCC's investigation of the President a ruse?
It is clear that those who cross Baba's path are bound to pay. In a discussion with contemporaries, one noted that Orji Kalu better be right about his allegations otherwise, as soon as Ribadu concludes his sham investigation, Baba would zero in on Kalu....
182 Nigeriaworld -- Is Orji Kalu grieving more than the bereaved?
If Kalu feels that he is the most affected by this tragedy, how about the relatives and husband of the first lady? In Igboland, when a man starts grieving more than the bereaved, he is regarded with suspicion. ... What was the symbolism of a 7-day mourning...
183 Nigeriaworld -- Immunity my foot! - Arrest Alamieyesiegha and jail Balogun for years
...there has to be a way to legally and cleanly repatriate Alamieyesiegha to Britain to face his jail sentence. Balogun should be sent to jail for ten years or more. The world is watching and other white collar criminals in Nigeria are watching. This two...
184 Nigeriaworld -- Police avarice and the tragic end of Daniel Ofiaeli
What would motivate a policeman to open fire at a bus full of innocent passengers? He did not even shoot to merely demobilize the vehicle by aiming at the tires, instead, he shot straight into the vehicle, knowing that the result would be deadly. Now that...
185 Nigeriaworld -- Epileptic power supply: Yaradua going the way of Obasanjo
It is ironic that would-be industrialists now take their businesses to more electrically stable countries like Ghana. ... As I write, many Nigerians are now establishing businesses in Ghana, building factories and private mansions there. Some even send...
186 Nigeriaworld -- Collectively, we have failed Nigeria! - Part II
It is a shame that one cannot get anything meaningful, in Nigeria, without bribing someone. Careful observation shows that those Nigerians that have perfected the act of bribery and corruption seem to be getting well ahead of the others that have shunned...
187 Nigeriaworld -- Election nullifications - Is Nigeria finally on the path to true democracy?
The sound ruling in Adamawa is not the same as that of Rivers State where Celestine Omehia was removed and immediately replaced by Amechi. That was a travesty of justice and poor judgment on the part of the Supreme Court. Amechi was not elected by the...
188 Nigeriaworld -- Belief in Voodoo - A threat to holistic progress in Nigeria (Part 2 of 2)
Well, because of Adijat's belief in voodoo, she began to consider her options in the diabolic realm. First, she confided in a neighbor that shared the same belief with her, a man known as Manifa. Feeling empowered to act on her behalf, Manifa went to see a...
189 Nigeriaworld -- Belief in Voodoo - A threat to holistic progress in Nigeria (Part 1 of 2)
The reader may pass off belief in voodoo as something prevalent only amongst people in the lower rung of the social and economic ladder or the less educated. The truth is that this belief permeates every facet of the society. Even many of the so-called...
190 Nigeriaworld -- Sack Dupe Adelaja BUT Ndigbo must do more!
What disturbs me most about this is that the South East Governors who should band together, develop a common purse from which money could be pulled together to help the ex-soldiers have not done anything meaningful, instead they engage in unnecessary...

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