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181 Nigeriaworld -- Injured Biafran war veterans at Oji River: Abandoned and neglected
By implication, the story of the heritage and ancestry of Emeka Okafor and many other Igbos like him would never be complete without a mention of the bravery of men like the ones at the Oji River.
182 Nigeriaworld -- IBB laud's anti-graft war?
If Babangida wants Nigerians to believe that he supports the [corruption] war, there are many things he needs to do. For starters, he needs to declare his current assets and then tell Nigerians how he amassed them with his military salary. Anything less...
183 Nigeriaworld -- Election 2007: Urgent call to action!!!
If you [Diaspora Nigerians] heed this call and influence the Nigerian election, you will become a bonafide political block that Nigerian governments will no longer take for granted. They will begin to listen when you speak and consider your welfare in...
184 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria's Supreme Court rejects despotism!
Just a little after 2:30PM, Monday, April 16th, 2007, Nigeria's Supreme Court answered a question that has been on the lips of most Nigerians. This was the question whose answer was unceremoniously deferred when Olusegun Obasanjo maliciously imposed an...
185 Nigeriaworld -- War on Corruption: Is Obasanjo capitulating?
After reading the comment made by an American envoy in Nigeria, one became convinced that skeptical Nigerians were not alone in their concerns. The American envoy hailed the anti-corruption war alright, but cautioned that they need to start hearing about...
186 Nigeriaworld -- War on corruption: Good developments but the President must do more
The issue is not that there is corruption in Nigeria.... What is important is that when corruption takes place, the culprits are caught, prosecuted and put away. That is what happens in western countries and if Obasanjo continues in the same way things may...
187 Nigeriaworld -- Operation Fire for Fire - Nigeria's "Queen of Robbers" cracks under police pressure!
I always stated that since all that glitters is not gold, anytime we come in contact with men or women who have no visible income and yet live the good live of V-booth, and opulent mansions, we should immediately alert authorities. Some might see this as...
188 Nigeriaworld -- Should Danjuma still be wielding political influence in Nigeria?
The civil war came and went but General Yakubu Gowon held on to power with, you know who, in government. Since then, every successive military take over that occurred in Nigeria, which we have now all agreed were against the law, General Theophilus Danjuma...
189 Nigeriaworld -- The PDP goes Machiavellian!
With Nigeria worse off than she was in many ways four years ago, how is it possible that the ruling PDP was returned to power as if every thing had all been great under its watch? How is it possible that the 2003 election was free and fair and yet the...
190 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's former lackeys disown him in droves
It is not good news for General Obasanjo that Iwu has now joined the list of former lackeys that have stabbed him in the back but there is a method to Iwu's madness. To Iwu, it is clear that his former master has finally been dethroned and no longer wields...

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