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181 Nigeriaworld -- How about the truth?
As long as the electorate remains uninformed or misinformed, the scenarios of April 12 and 19 will continue to repeat in Nigeria and as long as writers and commentators allow themselves to be constantly intimidated by "email tigers" into shying away from...
182 Nigeriaworld -- Tragedy in New Jersey - The heartbreaking death of Obinna Okoro
We watch over our youth, as they grow, just as we do spring flowers blooming in springtime. We strive to keep them away from danger and evil influences just as we remove killer weeds from the midst of our growing flowers to preclude them from being...
183 Nigeriaworld -- AIDS now an epidemic in Nigeria
I have always wondered if Nigeria would be able to handle a real health epidemic if it ever occurred...Many Nigerian-trained medical professionals have left the country in search of greener pastures. Many of those still in the country practice with one...
184 Nigeriaworld -- The Igbo project and those looking in from the outside
To realize the Igbo goal of total integration into the political mainstream in Nigeria and banish marginalization forever, every Igbo man or woman has to take up one responsibility or another.
185 Nigeriaworld -- Presidential Library: Who is Aso Rock fooling?
The issue of the establishment of a presidential library and Bells University may not be illegal, but there are ethical questions to be answered. If Obasanjo must win the corruption war, he must place himself on a high moral and ethical pedestal. So far,...
186 Nigeriaworld -- In desperate need of a national airline (Part 1)
Douglas thought that his biggest headache was the fact that he had to travel through Europe and spend needless time in the airport there. He was therefore unprepared for the next shocker he was to face. When he told the airline lady that he was going to...
187 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's overseas medical trip - An ambivalence of sorts
Nigerians would not mind if the president picks out at least 6-existing hospitals or medical facilities in the nation and pump in enough money to make them some of the best in the world in terms of equipment, drugs, manpower and facility.
188 Nigeriaworld -- Beware! - 419ers Still on the prowl
The nefarious activities of these con artists do not end with just request for money. About two weeks ago, I got an email that was sent to my junk mail folder. The email contained a picture of what looked like an oil refinery. The writer wanted me to...
189 Nigeriaworld -- When public officials seemingly encourage jaundiced journalism in Nigeria
Someone should please tell ambassador Abdulwahab that reporting these crimes promptly and in an unadulterated way helps would-be victims.... A lot of Nigerians live in the Diaspora and travel home to Nigeria every Christmas; most read what happens in...
190 Nigeriaworld -- Timid out-gone Senators berate Obasanjo behind his back - A classic case of back-biting!
I was forced to go down memory lane. Maybe, I thought to myself, I had missed some remarkable achievements they made or important legislations they passed to warrant extolling themselves [Senators] to high heavens. At the end of my introspection, I found...

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