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171 Nigeriaworld -- University of Nigeria Alumni gathers in Atlanta to ''Restore the Dignity of Man''
I left University of Nigeria 27 years ago. Armed with a first professional degree in architecture, I felt well-equipped and enormously confident to face the professional challenges that life was bound to throw at me. My indebtedness to the University, for...
172 Nigeriaworld -- Too scared to travel
The corollary is that these governors, knowing that they are under the watchful eyes of the Obasanjo administration and international bodies, would begin to eschew corruption or at least cut down on their excesses. Carting away of large amounts of money,...
173 Nigeriaworld -- Rudderless at a critical moment in time
It is unclear the reason why the president has not ceded authority to his deputy but whatever the reason, he must understand that Nigeria's name is on the verge of total stigmatization. The president's actions or inactions will determine whether the damage...
174 Nigeriaworld -- My wish for the New Year
The year 2010 was now knocking on our collective doors. Have I made productive use of 2009? I wondered. At this juncture, my mind went off into the twilight. I began to make a mental picture of my triumphs and disappointments for the year. ... it dawned on...
175 Nigeriaworld -- Preparing the throne for Andy Uba
A few days ago, the Appeal court sitting in Awka, supposedly deliberating on a case brought by the erstwhile governor of Anambra state, adjourned sine die- indefinitely. The crux of the case is that Uba, in a motion brought by his attorneys, prayed the...
176 Nigeriaworld -- Soludo's undemocratic selection portends more instability
The other issue is that if we believe what we are reading now that 36 of the 46 aspirants have suddenly started supporting Soludo, then PDP or Soludo himself may have promised these 36 folks heaven and earth if allowed to fly the gubernatorial flag. By...
177 Nigeriaworld -- Don't treat all deportees like criminals
Non-criminal deportees should first be debriefed, when they arrive, to determine what brought about their deportation. Those with academic qualifications should be provided with employment leads, and those proficient in any trades and want to engage in...
178 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo versus Atiku: For the good of Nigeria or a witch-hunt?
One good thing that has already come out of this whole brouhaha...In response to Atiku's letter asserting that his civil rights, as a sitting vice president, were being trampled, the president responded ''....immunity...does not include investigation.''...
179 Nigeriaworld -- Free election promise: Can Iwu be believed?
The long and short of it is that Iwu's current pronouncements do not match his past records. It is therefore hard to believe that he is a changed man. Nigerians, and indeed Anambra state citizens, must not take him at his word. Citizens must be watchful...
180 Nigeriaworld -- Building remodeling and the issue of hazardous asbestos ceilings in Nigeria
The issue of remodeling existing homes, in Nigeria, has brought with it a very unique challenge. Most homes built in Nigeria before the 1990s, were built with asbestos ceilings! That was before Nigerians became aware of the negative health effects of...

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