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171 Nigeriaworld -- Ribadu has my vote
Ribadu has transformed Nigeria's political landscape. In the past, leaders funneled money out of Nigeria with impunity and without bothering to hide it. With the progress that Ribadu has made so far, these office-holders are now conscious of the fact that...
172 Nigeriaworld -- Iwu should go if IBB must be checkmated
If there is any reason, why Iwu should be relieved of his responsibility as the INEC chairman, it is the poor conduct of the 2010 Anambra election. It baffles this commentator that pro-Iwu people are using that same election, where INEC and Iwu displayed...
173 Nigeriaworld -- Diasporan Nigerians bequeathing a legacy of hard work and perseverance
Sometimes, I feel that Nigerians want to have life both ways. When one argues that Nigeria should copy the wonderful things happening in the Diaspora, people say that they cannot do that because Nigeria is still developing.
174 Nigeriaworld -- Jonathan should run, but…
I realize that many northerners do not like all these developments. To them, anything short of Jonathan declaring that he will not run in 2011 and that the position is the north for the asking, is unacceptable. Jonathan should not cower! By the way, while...
175 Nigeriaworld -- Unraveling of third term bid, Obasanjo's vindictiveness and the few courageous legislators
If Obasanjo succeeds in changing the constitution to rule for a third or what others call a fourth term, the flood gates would have been opened; a precedent would have been set that amendment of Nigeria's constitution is as easy as ABC. It means that when...
176 Nigeriaworld -- The heroes of Election 2011
Nigeria is a far better place today than it was yesterday all because there is hope in the horizon. Hope starts with the ability of the people to choose the people that lead them. Jonathan was voted into power not based on any particular thing he has done...
177 Nigeriaworld -- Ojukwu's Biafra memoir - Things I'd like to know
The subject of the Biafran war remains a passion that would probably never abate in me and many others. Even though I was very young when it started and ended, I still vividly recall the events that probably altered the course of my life and that of many....
178 Nigeriaworld -- Will the election tribunals capitulate under pressure?
The actions of the honorable men and women of the Supreme Court continue to sustain hope that justice may eventually be served via the election tribunals. I must point out, though, the fact that the task ahead of them is humongous. ...for example...The...
179 Nigeriaworld -- Surviving in Biafra: A perspective, in a three-part essay
Welcome address by Alfred Obiora Uzokwe at the book signing ceremony on April 12, 2003. ...Ladies and gentlemen, the Nigerian civil war ended more than thirty years ago, and I wish I could say to you tonight, that all of the problems that led to that...
180 Nigeriaworld -- Book Review: A Broken Mission - Nigeria’s Failed Diplomacy in the Philippines and the Fight for Justice and Embassy Reform
Igbokwe describes, in vivid terms, an Embassy fraught with corruption, mediocrity, dereliction of duty, snobbery of Nigerian students and even sabotage. He uses actual names and photographs of the “dramatis personae” as he made his case that sharp...

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