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161 Nigeriaworld -- Mr. President, please save diasporans from the scourge of Nigerian scam (419) artists!
...I am &%*#+$! OOPS, I guess you cannot put that in print. Anyway, lets just say that I am A-N-G-R-Y. I am very angry because everytime Nigeria makes one positive step in the direction of bettering her international image, some unscrupulous Nigerians take...
162 Nigeriaworld -- Why Babangida should never be president again
If anyone is to blame for permanently changing Nigeria from a nation with promise, a fairly good economy and strong foreign exchange, to a nation with battered economy and an almost useless currency....bringing about or exacerbating the brain...
163 Tribute to all mothers on Mothers’ Day – May 12, 2018 -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
From time to time, I get this nostalgic feeling that takes me down memory lane, to my boyhood days at the St. Mary's Cathedral church, Nnewi in Anambra State in Nigeria. One of the occasions I remember very vividly is the Mothers' day Sunday service.
164 Nigeriaworld -- A tribute to Mothers on Mothers' Day
Mothers have been described in very many ways, all pointing to the fact that they nurture, care and guide. Phrases like ''the love of a mother''; Mother Nature; motherly care; as gentle as a mother's love; Motherland and Mother tongue all point to the...
165 Nigeriaworld -- Appalling health care situation in Nigeria decried during Nnewi Community (NCOWA) gala in Maryland, USA
A Nigerian pediatrician, Dr Mrs. Ruth Ngozi Agwunah, has decried the absence of a line item in Nigeria’s budget for health. She was speaking during a gala event organized by the Nnewi Community Organization of Washington DC Area (NCOWA).
166 Nigeriaworld -- Urgent Open Letter to President Umaru Yaradua - Save Nigerians now!
The talk in the press is that your ailment was misdiagnosed by your doctors in Nigeria. ... in fairness to Nigerian doctors, that most of the time, they misdiagnose ailments not because they are incompetent....if you have learned any lesson from your own...
167 Nigeriaworld -- 2007: Electronic Voting System will make vote manipulation easier
Nigerians must reject the use of electronic voting system for the 2007 elections. The time is just not yet ripe for it. They must resist it with the same gusto used against the third term project. If this is not done, come 2007, PDP and Obasanjo will hand...
168 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo the judge, jury and...
One question that begs for answer, as the president parades himself as the judge and jury, is this: who would judge him in an event where allegation of wrong doing is leveled against him or members of his executive staff or those close to them?
169 Nigeriaworld -- Handing the presidency to General Obasanjo on a silver platter!
Every time I ask Obasanjo's apologists why they feel he deserves a second term, they tell me that he has given Nigeria a good image abroad. As I have said many times on this column, this is a non-starter because, at the time he was elected, any Nigerian...
170 Nigeriaworld -- Buhari is a bad case Soyinka says - but is he?
It is funny that politicians seem to have very short memories, the same man [Okadigbo] that abandoned his supporters during the ANPP primaries and jumped on Buhari's bandwagon, still thinks that anyone cares what he thinks or would go to die in the streets...

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