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161 Nigeriaworld -- Gani Fawehinmi: Only if they listened
When the news of the lung cancer diagnosis of Nigeria's foremost civil rights activist broke about a year ago, it was clear that the situation was grim. Lung cancer ... was deadly. Gani's situation was even exacerbated by the fact that it was not caught...
162 Nigeriaworld -- They are all living longer, Why can't we? - Part 1 of 2
The idea of a doctor using medical information about a patient and family members to design medical checkups sound so simple but that remains elusive in Nigeria for many reasons. Nigerians do not always know for sure what ailments their family members have...
163 Nigeriaworld -- Akunyili should be calling for Nigeria's total overhaul not rebranding
As is often said, a good product does not need much propaganda or advertising to succeed. The product sells itself based on its merit. If things improve in Nigeria, the citizens will start selling it without any prompting. As a public affairs commentator,...
164 Nigeriaworld -- They are all living longer, Why can't we? - Part 2 of 3
... in Nigeria ... self medication is the norm. Many go to the hospital only when the symptoms of an ailment have reached alarming levels. In the interim, they merely walk into unregulated ''pharmacies'', ask for any medication they want, sometimes the...
165 Nigeriaworld -- Prostitution in Nigerian university campuses (Part II)
It took several years for prostitution to seep into university campuses. As the vice evolved and began to consume our young girls, people chose to ignore it as a mere fad that would quickly go away. It was largely left unchecked and so took hold, becoming...
166 Nigeriaworld -- Allow Ndigbo to choose their illustrious sons and daughters
The ugly trend of foisting Igbo pariahs on south easterners, as their leaders, did not go away or abate with the end of Asika's regime. Successive Nigerian leaders have continued that ugly divide and rule tactics. For cabinet positions, several of them...
167 Nigeriaworld -- Celebrating Nigeria at 50 at Harvard University: My trip to Boston
One of the events planned for the Harvard event was book signings by Diaspora Nigeria authors. That was the event that brought the Okonkwos, the Ekekes, the Akintides and the Uzokwes to the gathering. One thing struck me when two young Nigerians came over...
168 Nigeriaworld -- A tribute to mothers
If I may borrow from Prince Nico Mbarga of the blessed memory: “Sweet mother, I no go forget you, for the suffer wey you suffer for me.”
169 Nigeriaworld -- Medical Emergency: Yaradua needs to heed this call now
While I wish the president speedy recovery, he must be reminded that Nigerians die each day because they cannot afford to be flown to Saudi Arabia, United States or Britain in medical emergencies such as his. When they have medical emergencies, the...
170 Nigeriaworld -- Danger lurking in our skies
Talking about flying blind ... The near mishap of the governor of Akwa Ibom's airplane should be a wake up call for NAMA to live up to expectation. It is important that all aircrafts are subjected to the right level of scrutiny to ensure that they not only...

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