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151 Nigeriaworld -- Muffling freedom of speech in the name of national security
I have read and re-read all the statements that Shehu Garba made so far. I wanted to see for myself where national security may have been undermined. So far, I have not seen it. How could the revelation that the president bought a jeep prado for the wife...
152 Nigeriaworld -- Outrage! - N6.5bn paid for N1.2bn airport ''Safe Tower'' project!
After the devastating air crashes that occurred in Nigeria between 2005 and 2006, the then president, General Olusegun Obasanjo, approved a total of N19.5 billion for the improvement of air traffic infrastructure. Part of the money was earmarked for the...
153 Nigeriaworld -- Cronyism and Ribadu's tactless methodology hurting the war on corruption
The emotional trauma that the EFCC has been inflicting on innocent victims could be avoided by simply following an initial investigative process that is methodical, devoid of high drama and conducted outside public view. Mallam Ribadu should rethink his...
154 Nigeriaworld -- Jonathan should beware - the vultures are circling!
Then there is the second category of Nigerians that showed up at Eagle Square to purportedly support the president. They are blood suckers like Dracula that will do whatever it takes to suck unsuspecting people dry. These are the fair weather politicians...
155 Nigeriaworld -- Cracks in northern coalition - A refreshing change in Nigeria's political odyssey
It is not an overstatement to say that the northern coalition stood the test of time for ages. But as the bible says, there is time for everything. The demise of the much-touted coalition has started. It is now cracking along religious and generational...
156 Nigeriaworld -- If they are clean, the courts will exonerate them
EFCC has done all the right things and made all the right moves. Nuhu Ribadu no longer fights the corruption war just on the pages of the newspapers or on TV. The fight is real this time. He is doing it in the most democratic way, avoiding trampling on...
157 Nigeriaworld -- Anambra State 2010: Avert the impending catastrophe now!
There are many more unsavory developments in the state that point to a looming dangerous election season. These must not be discounted. Given the antecedents of the state, one should not put anything past her. This is a state where no gubernatorial...
158 Nigeriaworld -- Crime in the South East: A case for job creation as a potent intervention strategy
A few weeks ago, when I called Nnewi, I got to talk to a young woman that was on the verge of completing her youth service in the town. She had mixed emotions about the milestone she was about to reach. She was elated about getting a youth corps completion...
159 Nigeriaworld -- Justice, at last, for Peter Obi but is there a cost?
People who are rooting for Ngige are afraid that even though they may have voted for Peter Obi in 2003, he is yet untested in the murky waters of Anambra state politics. They fear that he may capitulate under the powerful influence of the godfathers of...
160 Nigeriaworld -- Yar'Adua not ready to lead Nigeria
The latest rumor is that the president has suddenly realized that his administration has a lot of performance shortcomings and so will shakeup his cabinet. Duh! We have been hearing about the cabinet shakeup for a while now but just like other things this...

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