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141 Nigeriaworld -- Ojukwu's Biafra memoir - Things I'd like to know
The subject of the Biafran war remains a passion that would probably never abate in me and many others. Even though I was very young when it started and ended, I still vividly recall the events that probably altered the course of my life and that of many....
142 Nigeriaworld -- Prostitution in Nigerian university campuses (Part I)
The interest I developed in this issue stems from my belief that if not arrested, it will deal a devastating and final blow on the standard of education in Nigeria, summarily shattering, to smithereens, the moral fabric of a nation that is already in...
143 Nigeriaworld -- Will the election tribunals capitulate under pressure?
The actions of the honorable men and women of the Supreme Court continue to sustain hope that justice may eventually be served via the election tribunals. I must point out, though, the fact that the task ahead of them is humongous. ...for example...The...
144 Nigeriaworld -- Why Babangida should never be president again
If anyone is to blame for permanently changing Nigeria from a nation with promise, a fairly good economy and strong foreign exchange, to a nation with battered economy and an almost useless currency....bringing about or exacerbating the brain...
145 Nigeriaworld -- Be still thy Soul
Above the desolate land he towers,; Mission to exterminate; goal to dominate,; From the crowded fields of the West,; To the troubled lands of the East.; With unbridled hate and withering force,; He cows the populace to docility,;
146 Nigeriaworld -- Nigerians in Reading, Pennsylvania, to initiate community development
''Redefining Success for Nigerians in the Diaspora'' A keynote speech, by Alfred Obiora Uzokwe, on the occasion of inauguration of Nigerian Association of Reading, a suburb of Philadelphia, & Berks County. Excerpt: My friends, there are still those who...
147 Nigeriaworld -- Dr Moghalu of UN advocates literacy at the Nnewi Convention in Michigan
Decrying the fallen standard of education and the relegation of literacy to the background in Igboland, Dr Moghalu noted that it was no coincidence that the men who led the struggle for independence like Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo were...
148 Nigeriaworld -- Favoritism in the name of rule of law
With the latest assault of the attorney general on the corruption war, what Nigerians are witnessing is a case of this administration trying to get legitimacy anyway it could, even if it means opening the gates of Kirikiri prison for felons. And they do...
149 Nigeriaworld -- Improving the quality of education, in Nigerian schools, through infrastructure maintenance and upgrade: A Case for active participation by Diaspora Nigerians
Keynote Address on the occasion of Mbaise Association of Maryland Education and Cultural Night, Baltimore Maryland, 29th July, 2006
150 Nigeriaworld -- Babangida is dribbling yet again, this time Ndigbo
In the latest phone interview that General Ibrahim Babangida granted ThisDay newspaper, he was quoted as saying that if he becomes the president, he would just serve for one term and after that, will work to ensure that someone from the South East succeeds...

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