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141 Nigeriaworld -- Justifying the fuel price hike
Mr. president should use his high handedness to recover the loots that ex-military men stashed away in overseas countries while the masses are languishing in poverty and penury. He should use this high handedness to fight the scourge of 419 that is...
142 Nigeriaworld -- Tragedy in New Bodija, Ibadan! - On whose jurisdiction lies culpability?
Now, when one has to regret going back to one's land of birth, it underscores the need for very radical changes in our society. This is not just peculiar to Mr. Opere, I know Nigerians who went back home, only to start regretting it later.
143 Nigeriaworld -- Cracks in northern coalition - A refreshing change in Nigeria's political odyssey
It is not an overstatement to say that the northern coalition stood the test of time for ages. But as the bible says, there is time for everything. The demise of the much-touted coalition has started. It is now cracking along religious and generational...
144 Nigeriaworld -- Crime in the South East: A case for job creation as a potent intervention strategy
A few weeks ago, when I called Nnewi, I got to talk to a young woman that was on the verge of completing her youth service in the town. She had mixed emotions about the milestone she was about to reach. She was elated about getting a youth corps completion...
145 Nigeriaworld -- Party opposition to Obasanjo's administration may be good for Nigeria's development
Realization that its programs will be dissected, analyzed, vilified, exposed and even exploited by the opposition, will force the government to strive for the best to avoid having its programs rubbished.
146 Nigeriaworld -- Akunyili should be calling for Nigeria's total overhaul not rebranding
As is often said, a good product does not need much propaganda or advertising to succeed. The product sells itself based on its merit. If things improve in Nigeria, the citizens will start selling it without any prompting. As a public affairs commentator,...
147 News -- Nnewi Community in the USA enjoined to embrace Civil Service in Nigeria
The Director of Communications in the Federal Ministry of information, Mrs. Kate Okoye, has called on Nnewi citizens in the United States, to join Nigeria's Civil Service, after acquiring academic knowledge in the Diaspora.
148 Tribute to fathers on Fathers' Day, with Special Tribute to my own father -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Fathers steer the ship of family, providing the rudders upon which the ship rests for the long generational sail. Before the ship sets sail, they strive to establish the family destination along with mothers and then push, cajole and encourage the children...
149 Nigeriaworld -- How about the truth?
As long as the electorate remains uninformed or misinformed, the scenarios of April 12 and 19 will continue to repeat in Nigeria and as long as writers and commentators allow themselves to be constantly intimidated by "email tigers" into shying away from...
150 Nigeriaworld -- Tragedy in New Jersey - The heartbreaking death of Obinna Okoro
We watch over our youth, as they grow, just as we do spring flowers blooming in springtime. We strive to keep them away from danger and evil influences just as we remove killer weeds from the midst of our growing flowers to preclude them from being...

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