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131 Nigeriaworld -- Nigeria's Supreme Court rejects despotism!
Just a little after 2:30PM, Monday, April 16th, 2007, Nigeria's Supreme Court answered a question that has been on the lips of most Nigerians. This was the question whose answer was unceremoniously deferred when Olusegun Obasanjo maliciously imposed an...
132 Nigeriaworld -- Fani Kayode, president's assistant, apologizes to Nigerians, begs for confirmation!
The man that took pride in abusing people became ''contrite''. From a loud-mouthed braggart, he turned into a big mouse, groveling for confirmation. This writer expected that a man that arrogated so much authority to himself would have gracefully walked...
133 Nigeriaworld -- Taking advantage of young girls - A bank scourge that all must repudiate
Let it also be said that apart from the issue of immorality, this practice exposes our young girls to sexual harassment in more ways than one. When the rich people they visit, to solicit business, touch them in inappropriate places, talk to them in...
134 Nigeriaworld -- Beware! - 419ers Still on the prowl
The nefarious activities of these con artists do not end with just request for money. About two weeks ago, I got an email that was sent to my junk mail folder. The email contained a picture of what looked like an oil refinery. The writer wanted me to...
135 Nigeriaworld -- Iwu should go if IBB must be checkmated
If there is any reason, why Iwu should be relieved of his responsibility as the INEC chairman, it is the poor conduct of the 2010 Anambra election. It baffles this commentator that pro-Iwu people are using that same election, where INEC and Iwu displayed...
136 Nigeriaworld -- Ribadu has my vote
Ribadu has transformed Nigeria's political landscape. In the past, leaders funneled money out of Nigeria with impunity and without bothering to hide it. With the progress that Ribadu has made so far, these office-holders are now conscious of the fact that...
137 Nigeriaworld -- Timid out-gone Senators berate Obasanjo behind his back - A classic case of back-biting!
I was forced to go down memory lane. Maybe, I thought to myself, I had missed some remarkable achievements they made or important legislations they passed to warrant extolling themselves [Senators] to high heavens. At the end of my introspection, I found...
138 Nigeriaworld -- Jonathan should run, butů
I realize that many northerners do not like all these developments. To them, anything short of Jonathan declaring that he will not run in 2011 and that the position is the north for the asking, is unacceptable. Jonathan should not cower! By the way, while...
139 Nigeriaworld -- Unraveling of third term bid, Obasanjo's vindictiveness and the few courageous legislators
If Obasanjo succeeds in changing the constitution to rule for a third or what others call a fourth term, the flood gates would have been opened; a precedent would have been set that amendment of Nigeria's constitution is as easy as ABC. It means that when...
140 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's former lackeys disown him in droves
It is not good news for General Obasanjo that Iwu has now joined the list of former lackeys that have stabbed him in the back but there is a method to Iwu's madness. To Iwu, it is clear that his former master has finally been dethroned and no longer wields...

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