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131 Nigeriaworld -- Allow Ndigbo to choose their illustrious sons and daughters
The ugly trend of foisting Igbo pariahs on south easterners, as their leaders, did not go away or abate with the end of Asika's regime. Successive Nigerian leaders have continued that ugly divide and rule tactics. For cabinet positions, several of them...
132 Nigeriaworld -- Anambra Imbroglio - The blame and penalty must go around
It is easy for the people of Anambra state and Nigeria to be hung up on the fact that he was abducted. ...It must however be noted that the actions of the governor are practically as egregious as those of his political godfathers; I do not understand how...
133 Nigeriaworld -- Oh, my Anambra State!
The land of my forebears lay desolate and barren; Desecrated by men who pretend to serve; Kingmakers who milk the treasury,; And hold the kings they make in bondage; Natives sleep with eyes open; Lest they go the way of their disenchanted brethren.
134 Nigeriaworld -- Beware! - Diaspora Nigerian Political 419ers on the prowl
419 has resurfaced with a new face and tactic but with the same goal. I call it reverse political 419. It is reverse in the sense that it is perpetrated by Diaspora Nigerians against Nigerians. It is political in nature because the perpetrators use...
135 Nigeriaworld -- Debt Relief: Obasanjo deserves commendation but...
So will General Obasanjo seek to utilize the savings from the debt forgiveness judiciously? Will he, instead, fritter away this opportunity and again direct the money into the hands of his millionaire businessmen friends in Nigeria?
136 Nigeriaworld -- In desperate need of a national airline (Part II)
''If Nigeria had a national carrier, this insult would not be taking place'', he muttered under his breadth. ''Were you talking to me?'' the immigration official said in a thickly accented English as he finally handed his passport to him, ''No'', Douglas...
137 Nigeriaworld -- When good men err - the case of the President, Gani Fawehinmi and INEC
If he (Gani) follows through with his threats, thereby crippling Nigeria's struggling democracy, just because he feels wronged by INEC, critics would be left with no other choice than to brand him a selfish man. They would assert and rightly so, that he...
138 Nigeriaworld -- Fani Kayode, president's assistant, apologizes to Nigerians, begs for confirmation!
The man that took pride in abusing people became ''contrite''. From a loud-mouthed braggart, he turned into a big mouse, groveling for confirmation. This writer expected that a man that arrogated so much authority to himself would have gracefully walked...
139 Nigeriaworld -- Taking advantage of young girls - A bank scourge that all must repudiate
Let it also be said that apart from the issue of immorality, this practice exposes our young girls to sexual harassment in more ways than one. When the rich people they visit, to solicit business, touch them in inappropriate places, talk to them in...
140 Nigeriaworld -- Outrage! - N6.5bn paid for N1.2bn airport ''Safe Tower'' project!
After the devastating air crashes that occurred in Nigeria between 2005 and 2006, the then president, General Olusegun Obasanjo, approved a total of N19.5 billion for the improvement of air traffic infrastructure. Part of the money was earmarked for the...

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