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131 Nigeriaworld -- Only God can stop Babangida from 2007?
One may feel that the statement was the height of arrogance considering that he was addressing the people he oppressed economically for 8 years. However, in reality, he knows that it takes very little to sway the stance of the average Nigerian.
132 Nigeriaworld -- Critiquing the critics: Of Internet commentaries and commentators
...we should also be amenable to constructive criticisms... The only type of criticisms that should always be viewed with suspicion or ignored are those born out of malice, lack substance and are only geared towards denigrating commentators.
133 Nigeriaworld -- Cronyism and Ribadu's tactless methodology hurting the war on corruption
The emotional trauma that the EFCC has been inflicting on innocent victims could be avoided by simply following an initial investigative process that is methodical, devoid of high drama and conducted outside public view. Mallam Ribadu should rethink his...
134 Nigeriaworld -- Impeachment, political opportunism and the Nigerian factor
All these statements coming from IBB and his cohorts point to the fact that they may just be gloating over the impeachment move on Obasanjo. What IBB does not understand is that if Obasanjo's offenses are twenty in number, then IBB's offenses double that...
135 Nigeriaworld -- Why Babangida cannot be probed? Give me a break!
The million-dollar question now is, why is the commission's mandate not retroactive? One would think that the goal of the anti-graft panel would be to investigate and find out what put Nigeria into this financial mess and then find a way to avoid a repeat?
136 Nigeriaworld -- Devastating effects of pollution in Nigeria (Part I)
Nigeria is gradually being condemned to desolation and barrenness by sustained and unmitigated pollution of her air, land and sea; sometimes one wonders what the state of the health of Nigerians would be in the next 20 years given the sustained and...
137 Nigeriaworld -- Justice, at last, for Peter Obi but is there a cost?
People who are rooting for Ngige are afraid that even though they may have voted for Peter Obi in 2003, he is yet untested in the murky waters of Anambra state politics. They fear that he may capitulate under the powerful influence of the godfathers of...
138 Nigeriaworld -- Why would anyone want to die for Nigeria?
This is a nation where the common criminal is instantly set on fire but those who rob the country of billions, with the pen, go free. ...where people are denigrated just because of their ethnicity.... ...where your chances of succeeding nationally as a...
139 Nigeriaworld -- They are all living longer, Why can't we? - Part 2 of 3
... in Nigeria ... self medication is the norm. Many go to the hospital only when the symptoms of an ailment have reached alarming levels. In the interim, they merely walk into unregulated ''pharmacies'', ask for any medication they want, sometimes the...
140 Nigeriaworld -- Nigerians in Reading, Pennsylvania, to initiate community development
''Redefining Success for Nigerians in the Diaspora'' A keynote speech, by Alfred Obiora Uzokwe, on the occasion of inauguration of Nigerian Association of Reading, a suburb of Philadelphia, & Berks County. Excerpt: My friends, there are still those who...

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