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121 Nigeriaworld -- My 2007 December trip to Nigeria - Part III - The good, the bad and the eyesore
I asked for a cold bottle of sprite, a favorite drink of mine here in the United States. The first gulp of the sprite I took was so sugary that I almost threw it back out. It did not taste anything like the sprite that I had become used to. My mind went to...
122 Nigeriaworld -- My 2007 December trip to Nigeria - Part IV - Uncovered and clogged roadside drainage gutters
The pictures accompanying this commentary show that the drainage gutters, along Wetheral Road, are now mere repositories for banana peels, pure water plastic sachets, plastic bottles, wood chunks, rubber, burlaps, human waste and other difficult to discern...
123 Nigeriaworld -- ''Igbos have never had it so good'' says Nigeria's emperor but is it true?
If Obasanjo calls the fact that his cronies turned Anambra state upside down, precluding any meaningful development, is good, then he has a warped sense of goodness. If he feels that doing nothing while evil men roamed Anambra state, destabilizing the...
124 Nigeriaworld -- A tribute to Mothers on Mothers' Day
Mothers have been described in very many ways, all pointing to the fact that they nurture, care and guide. Phrases like ''the love of a mother''; Mother Nature; motherly care; as gentle as a mother's love; Motherland and Mother tongue all point to the...
125 Nigeriaworld -- Urgent Open Letter to President Umaru Yaradua - Save Nigerians now!
The talk in the press is that your ailment was misdiagnosed by your doctors in Nigeria. ... in fairness to Nigerian doctors, that most of the time, they misdiagnose ailments not because they are incompetent....if you have learned any lesson from your own...
126 Nigeriaworld -- Dr. Moghalu of UN speaks about the fight against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis in developing nations and Nigeria
I met up with Dr. Moghalu in Romulus, Michigan, and sat down with him for an exclusive interview for Nigeriaworld. I wanted to find out how the Global Fund was reaching out to Nigeria in the all-important fight against the pandemics. We also explored some...
127 Nigeriaworld -- Declare war against diabetes now! It is blinding, maiming and killing Nigerians
Some of the doctors in Nigeria do not even keep abreast with developments in the pharmaceutical industry. They carelessly prescribe healthful but dangerous drugs without monitoring their patients to avoid liver or kidney toxicity. They do not even know...
128 Nigeriaworld -- Beware! - Diaspora Nigerian Political 419ers on the prowl
419 has resurfaced with a new face and tactic but with the same goal. I call it reverse political 419. It is reverse in the sense that it is perpetrated by Diaspora Nigerians against Nigerians. It is political in nature because the perpetrators use...
129 Nigeriaworld -- 2007: Electronic Voting System will make vote manipulation easier
Nigerians must reject the use of electronic voting system for the 2007 elections. The time is just not yet ripe for it. They must resist it with the same gusto used against the third term project. If this is not done, come 2007, PDP and Obasanjo will hand...
130 Nigeriaworld -- Election 2007: Urgent call to action!!!
If you [Diaspora Nigerians] heed this call and influence the Nigerian election, you will become a bonafide political block that Nigerian governments will no longer take for granted. They will begin to listen when you speak and consider your welfare in...

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