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121 Nigeriaworld -- Muffling freedom of speech in the name of national security
I have read and re-read all the statements that Shehu Garba made so far. I wanted to see for myself where national security may have been undermined. So far, I have not seen it. How could the revelation that the president bought a jeep prado for the wife...
122 Nigeriaworld -- Orji Kalu finally admits, ''IBB is part of a process that made me''
By having one leg in Babangida's camp and the other in Atiku's, he wants to ensure that whichever one of the men wins the impending political duel, he (Kalu) would stand in good stead in the person's eyes.
123 Nigeriaworld -- Six months before elections, Nigerian Senators pardon their indicted colleagues - where is the outrage?
It is clear from Senator Aluko's statement, that he was worried about the upcoming elections and how his constituents would perceive him, since he was also indicted in the report. He wanted to be given a clean bill of health, so...the indictment would not...
124 Nigeriaworld -- Is EFCC's investigation of the President a ruse?
It is clear that those who cross Baba's path are bound to pay. In a discussion with contemporaries, one noted that Orji Kalu better be right about his allegations otherwise, as soon as Ribadu concludes his sham investigation, Baba would zero in on Kalu....
125 Nigeriaworld -- Jonathan should beware - the vultures are circling!
Then there is the second category of Nigerians that showed up at Eagle Square to purportedly support the president. They are blood suckers like Dracula that will do whatever it takes to suck unsuspecting people dry. These are the fair weather politicians...
126 Nigeriaworld -- Bribery - a necessity in the Nigerian police force?
Clearly, two wrongs do not make a right but if the leaders have failed to address the problems facing the police, then frankly speaking, the blame for the crimes of the police must be placed squarely on the doorsteps of the government.
127 Nigeriaworld -- Gani Fawehinmi: Only if they listened
When the news of the lung cancer diagnosis of Nigeria's foremost civil rights activist broke about a year ago, it was clear that the situation was grim. Lung cancer ... was deadly. Gani's situation was even exacerbated by the fact that it was not caught...
128 Is the bridge in Awka, Anambra State, a cable-stay or not? (PICTORIAL) -- Nigeriaworld
Before our visit, I had been reading, on the internet, and seeing the pictures of a newly constructed bridge in Awka. Some referred to it as a cable-stay bridge while others argued that it was not. ... So, when we paid a visit to Awka, I took a closer look...
129 Nigeriaworld -- The negative effects of ''dirty'' and irresponsible musical lyrics on our young ones
In this age of Internet, satellite TV, GSM phones and the rest, even kids growing up in Nigeria are not in any way shielded from the negative influence of rap music, rock music, TV, radio and the likes.
130 Nigeriaworld -- Babangida is dribbling yet again, this time Ndigbo
In the latest phone interview that General Ibrahim Babangida granted ThisDay newspaper, he was quoted as saying that if he becomes the president, he would just serve for one term and after that, will work to ensure that someone from the South East succeeds...

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