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111 Nigeriaworld -- The Eagle may have landed, but...?
A good question to ask is why the people of the state shudder at the prospects of Andy Uba becoming their governor. The reasons are clear: many argue that for a man that had the ear of the most powerful man in Nigeria, he did nothing to help develop the...
112 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo tastes his brand of medicine in London: A lesson for other leaders
Much as I believe that Obasanjo may never be able to alter his arrogant disposition, he may have started realizing, as a lonely man in Otta, that for him to get back a semblance of tranquility in his life, he would have to start making amends in some ways.
113 Nigeriaworld -- Tribalism and ethnocentricity hampering prospects of a more perfect nation (Part 2 of 2)
When we talk about tribalism, the tendency is for one to think that it is a scourge endemic only amongst Nigerians living in Nigeria. This is far from the truth. In my two decades of sojourn, outside the country, I have had the opportunity of meeting and...
114 Nigeriaworld -- The uselessness of Nigeria's Senate Ministerial Screening Exercise
Interviewers are able to make the best hiring decisions based on whether the candidates' qualifications met the minimum requirements as enunciated in the job descriptions. ... The normal protocol, in any civilized environment, is for him to send the names...
115 Nigeriaworld -- Justice Ogebe and the case of political expediency against Yar'Adua
Yar'Adua's attempt to abuse his power could still be checkmated by the Senate. They could decide not to confirm Ogebe. Would they follow that course of action? Of course not. They would all want to curry Yar'Adua's favor in case there are still some...
116 Nigeriaworld -- Iwu: A willing tool for political mischief
As for Iwu, he has the chance to undo and jettison the shackles of partisanship that he presently dons. He has the chance to do what no Nigerian has done before and that is to conduct a truly free and fair election. He has the opportunity to show that he...
117 Nigeriaworld -- Vehicle convoys, mobile policemen and siren everywhere - What I saw in Nigeria
The reader may be wondering how private individuals get easy access to police escorts since it was once deemed illegal. ...was told that getting police escorts for convoy duties and private security was very easy. It only entailed acquiring an SUV or two,...
118 Nigeriaworld -- My 2007 December trip to Nigeria - Part II - Nigerians still unruly
I was hoping that since our flight landed on schedule, I was going to be out of the airport in 45 minutes and be in my final destination before 11:00AM. I was wrong! Unbeknownst to me, a fresh ordeal had begun. By 12:30PM, we were still in the baggage...
119 Nigeriaworld -- Dying for Nigeria: Obasanjo's worrisome messianic disposition
The president must realize that before him, Nigeria had bright men and women who would have taken the nation to greater heights had he and his military men left the issue of governance to civilians. He should also realize that after him, many bright and...
120 Nigeriaworld -- My 2007 December trip to Nigeria - Part I
None of the [Delta Airlines] flight attendants responded for what seemed like eternity but I was patient, after all it was a ten hour flight. Finally, I looked up and saw the same flight attendant on the far corner, she had seen the call button light above...

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