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111 Nigeriaworld -- On the lighter side...
These days, sometimes you would see someone pacing a parking lot or an open space, seemingly talking to herself or himself and smiling broadly. When I was still growing up in Nnewi, when you saw such things, you instantly assumed that the person was...
112 Nigeriaworld -- Improving the quality of education, in Nigerian schools, through infrastructure maintenance and upgrade: A Case for active participation by Diaspora Nigerians
Keynote Address on the occasion of Mbaise Association of Maryland Education and Cultural Night, Baltimore Maryland, 29th July, 2006
113 Nigeriaworld -- New mandate in Nigeria - Insure your building during construction or pay N250,000 penalty
...if this policy is strictly and uniformly enforced, it could become one of the best things that ever happened to the building industry and Nigerians in general.
114 Nigeriaworld -- A worthy medical mission to Anambra State by Diaspora organization
It is exceedingly important that this mission succeed and succeed mightily. The success of the mission will influence how others with similar plans, but waiting in the wings, would act in the future. The government of Anambra state must ensure that all...
115 Nigeriaworld -- Jonathan should heed Babangida's call and ditch his ill-advised 6-year tenure proposal
The issue is that many, who once, unflinchingly, supported the man from Otuke, are now wondering aloud if he was for real and what his motives are. In a country where the economy is in ruins; where citizens are always sleeping with one eye open because of...
116 Nigeriaworld -- Macabre discovery in Okija, Anambra State!
Achuzia's defense [that the shrines were not new in the Nigerian tradition and was not worth publicizing because it portrays Igbos as cannibals] sounds similar to Obasanjo's image project where the president was saying that Nigerians should cover our bad...
117 Nigeriaworld -- They are all living longer, Why can't we? - Part 1 of 2
The idea of a doctor using medical information about a patient and family members to design medical checkups sound so simple but that remains elusive in Nigeria for many reasons. Nigerians do not always know for sure what ailments their family members have...
118 Nigeriaworld -- ''Divide and dominate'' - Obj's subliminal policy towards Anambra and S.E. States
Anambra and other southeastern states are fast turning into leaderless states, a free for all society where anything goes. People in those states no longer seem to think about the collective progress of Ndigbo, instead, they seem to be willing to do...
119 Nigeriaworld -- Prostitution in Nigerian university campuses (Part II)
It took several years for prostitution to seep into university campuses. As the vice evolved and began to consume our young girls, people chose to ignore it as a mere fad that would quickly go away. It was largely left unchecked and so took hold, becoming...
120 Nigeriaworld -- Pre-paid phone calling cards and the deception some makers peddle
The principle of pay-as-you-talk, using a phonecard, is very appealing. However, some of the card makers, in an attempt to make quick cash, are bastardizing it. It is therefore imperative that the user adhere to the Latin maxim of Buyer beware.

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