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101 Nigeriaworld -- My Visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part 2)
The issue of armed escorts in Nigeria is assuming an alarming proportion. Everyone with money these days has armed escorts. My question is simple: Who regulates their activities? Who controls who should carry weapons or not?
102 Nigeriaworld -- My visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part 3)
Right before my very eyes, the man that fell off the Okada bike quickly got up, picked up his now soggy bag and started laughing hysterically. He was still standing inside the puddle while water dripped down his pants! I was stunned.
103 Nigeriaworld -- Show of shame in Anambra State, again!
The bottom line is that for PDP, Obi has served the purpose for which he was granted a court victory. They are ready for the second phase of their game plan. They know that come 2007, if Obi contests for the gubernatorial post again, he has a good chance...
104 Nigeriaworld -- Losing my mother…
I have always known that the dreadful day would come, the day that I would cease to see the woman that I had known all of my 51 years of existence but I never wanted that dreadful day to come. She was the woman that continued to stand by me, in every...
105 Nigeriaworld -- Too scared to travel
The corollary is that these governors, knowing that they are under the watchful eyes of the Obasanjo administration and international bodies, would begin to eschew corruption or at least cut down on their excesses. Carting away of large amounts of money,...
106 Nigeriaworld -- As Nigeria turns 41, a time for deep reflections
In the process of rendering this welcome verdict, Justice Oputa serendipitously vindicated Obasanjo who has incessantly declared that there are “no sacred cows”.
107 Nigeriaworld -- Deplorable condition of Nigerian roads - what we can do about it
Our contractors failed because they lack the sense of pride that patriotic citizens in a progressive nation have. This pride motivates contractors to strive to construct the best roads they possibly can as a legacy for which they would be remembered.
108 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's political game of honoring IBB, Buhari and Tafa Balogun
It would be interesting to see how Nigerians react to the recognition of those who ruined the country's economy and a police chief that has done nothing to make the lives of the people better and safer.
109 Nigeriaworld -- My Visit to Nigeria: The giant with hydra-headed problems (Part One)
Perpetual and incessant suffering seem to have hardened Nigerians to the point where they no longer worry about their health and welfare. They knowingly buy food cooked near open sewers; they stand around without raising alarm while unscrupulous elements...
110 Nigeriaworld -- Anambra State 2010: Avert the impending catastrophe now!
There are many more unsavory developments in the state that point to a looming dangerous election season. These must not be discounted. Given the antecedents of the state, one should not put anything past her. This is a state where no gubernatorial...

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