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101 Nigeriaworld -- Resumption of direct flight from New York to Lagos: A new lease in life for Nigerians in the USA
The implication of the direct flight development is that those who decide to fly North American Airlines to Nigeria would now spend as little as 11 travel hours! This is a far cry from the 20 to 24 hours that passengers hitherto spent with European...
102 Nigeriaworld -- Ban all overseas medical trips for all public functionaries now!
I just came back from Nigeria a few days ago. During my visit, I had the opportunity to see a few government-owned and private medical facilities in places like Lagos, Awka and of course Nnewi. I was appalled and horrified at the condition of the...
103 Nigeriaworld -- Show of shame in Anambra State, again!
The bottom line is that for PDP, Obi has served the purpose for which he was granted a court victory. They are ready for the second phase of their game plan. They know that come 2007, if Obi contests for the gubernatorial post again, he has a good chance...
104 Nigeriaworld -- Tribalism and ethnocentricity hampering prospects of a more perfect nation (Part 1 of 2)
I have even heard people, including silly internet bloggers and politicians opine that the Easterners should be glad that they are included in government at all. To them, perpetual subjugation is the penalty for fighting a war. Their assertions have been...
105 Nigeriaworld -- 17% Voter turnout in Anambra? - INEC sucks but we must move on!
I congratulate him but INEC did not do him a favor in a peaceful election that, barring INEC ineptitude, would have given him an unprecedented mandate. ... What Peter Obi now needs to do is to rein in those who purport to speak for him, who are pouring...
106 Nigeriaworld -- Obasanjo's volte-face on Yar'Adua: Remorse or political calculation? Part 2
Regardless of Obasanjo's motive in making the call, it does not absolve him of culpability in sending Nigeria down the wrong path. His role in this unfortunate saga, has reduced his credibility so much that whatever he says does not matter anymore. He...
107 Nigeriaworld -- Yar'Adua call Wole Soyinka
The latest rumor, in the mill, is that the man may have passed. This last rumor became a news item, last Friday, on one of my favorite TV programs - The Rachel Maddow show. The show is watched by millions of Americans, a followership gathered over a short...
108 Nigeriaworld -- Anambra Supreme Court Verdict - The hand of Obasanjo or the hand of God?
Assuming that Governor Ngige accepted Chris Uba's condition and opened the state coffers to him and his co-travelers, would he still have been removed from office? If Ngige regularly genuflected before the imperial president as others now do, would he have...
109 Nigeriaworld -- Anambra Elections - Ignore party ''big wigs'' and vote your conscience
''Big wigs'' ...they show up every four years, canvass for votes and then run back to where they comfortably reside outside the state or even outside the country. Because they do not live in the state, they have no clue what the average Anambra State...
110 Nigeriaworld -- Should Danjuma still be wielding political influence in Nigeria?
The civil war came and went but General Yakubu Gowon held on to power with, you know who, in government. Since then, every successive military take over that occurred in Nigeria, which we have now all agreed were against the law, General Theophilus Danjuma...

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