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1 Nigeriaworld -- Surviving in Biafra: A perspective, in a three-part essay
Welcome address by Alfred Obiora Uzokwe at the book signing ceremony on April 12, 2003. ...Ladies and gentlemen, the Nigerian civil war ended more than thirty years ago, and I wish I could say to you tonight, that all of the problems that led to that...
2 Nigeriaworld -- Surviving in Biafra is published - Excerpt from Chapter 10 - Voice of Biafra Revolution
From that day on, I no longer believed all the war propaganda I heard. We returned home to Nnewi in the wee hours of the night and instead of the feeling of elation I usually had after our performances, I was down.
3 Nigeriaworld -- New crime policy in Nigeria - ''Just apologize and go free''
Some of the judges, these days, seem to make rulings based on what they feel that the executive arm would want. ...They [Obasanjo's govt] have tacitly prescribed two standards of behavior for the citizens: one for those in power or in the corridors of...
4 Nigeriaworld -- Senators killing the fight against corruption in Nigeria!
The alarming rate of corruption in Nigeria, coupled with its attendant effects, warrants that Nigeria should be toughening the punishment for corruption. Every body else understands this except members of Nigeria's Senate.
5 Nigeriaworld -- Surviving in Biafra is published - Excerpt from Chapter 9 - Nnewi is bombed!
The book ''Surviving in Biafra'' has been published and this writer owes a debt of gratitude to readers who continued to send encouraging words while the manuscript was in the making. Those words of encouragement helped motivate this...
6 Nigeriaworld -- When public officials seemingly encourage jaundiced journalism in Nigeria
Someone should please tell ambassador Abdulwahab that reporting these crimes promptly and in an unadulterated way helps would-be victims.... A lot of Nigerians live in the Diaspora and travel home to Nigeria every Christmas; most read what happens in...
7 Nigeriaworld -- Handing the presidency to General Obasanjo on a silver platter!
Every time I ask Obasanjo's apologists why they feel he deserves a second term, they tell me that he has given Nigeria a good image abroad. As I have said many times on this column, this is a non-starter because, at the time he was elected, any Nigerian...
8 Nigeriaworld -- Buhari is a bad case Soyinka says - but is he?
It is funny that politicians seem to have very short memories, the same man [Okadigbo] that abandoned his supporters during the ANPP primaries and jumped on Buhari's bandwagon, still thinks that anyone cares what he thinks or would go to die in the streets...
9 Nigeriaworld -- Diasporan Nigerians bequeathing a legacy of hard work and perseverance
Sometimes, I feel that Nigerians want to have life both ways. When one argues that Nigeria should copy the wonderful things happening in the Diaspora, people say that they cannot do that because Nigeria is still developing.
10 Nigeriaworld -- Operation Fire for Fire - Nigeria's "Queen of Robbers" cracks under police pressure!
I always stated that since all that glitters is not gold, anytime we come in contact with men or women who have no visible income and yet live the good live of V-booth, and opulent mansions, we should immediately alert authorities. Some might see this as...

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