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11 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Restructuring Momentum (Part 1)
It is well known that majority of the northerners are averse to restructuring of the country. But the far North, a minority in the country, cannot dictate to the majority of the country who want the country to be restructured immediately. Their fear in a...
12 APC and the Nomadic Politicians -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
APC ought to have allowed four years acclimatisation period for the acclaimed defectors and nomadic politicians to settle in the party, as true Progressive, before giving them tickets to contest election for their various seats.
13 The change of gear Buhari need in APC change crusade - Part 2 -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
A problem at hand, which is unsolved, is an accumulated burden. Tomorrow is always unknown. But when tomorrow comes and another problem emerged and again unsolved, you will then have additional problem on your hands. As time goes on and you did nothing to...
14 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A reconstruction of Buhariís cabinet
To make matter worse for the Ministry of Finance Buhari appointed a relative young, comparatively inexperienced and a non politician as the Minister of Finance. In our country, Nigeria, age matters. Mrs Kemi Adeosunís relevant education, professional...
15 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Naira and issue of recession
We should remember that up to December 1983, Nigeria economy was generally where it was supposed to be at the time. Unemployment rate in the country was negligible. Industries were working at full capacity. There were little or no unemployment among school...
16 NigeriaWorld Writers (Alfred Aisedionlen)
17 Buhari, OBJ, youths and age limit for President -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
When President Buhari criticised the Nigerian youths in London.... the criticism was necessary, it ought to have been in the form of lecture, advisory and in measured language. As a matter of respect for Nigeria, Buhari ought to have ventilated his anger...
18 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Safeguarding the future of Nigeria
Buhari has virtually thrown the harmonising policy of Federal Character out of the window. It is all only for his North. In our country, where you have different regions, tribes, languages, etc. if you plant your people in every key Federal position, what...
19 The optimal structure for the future of Nigeria - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The two main factors that have over the years retarded Nigeria are corruption and the North (North West & North East geo-political zones in particular). Corruption which permeate every sector of society, for example, does not allow the right people to...
20 APC will lose the 2019 Presidential Election if... -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
The North is vehemently opposed to any restructuring of the country. Any northern Presidential candidate, of any political parties, whatever his promises, is only there to get the votes and thereafter forget national issues, the future of the country and...

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