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1 P&ID owners heading to prison, as Nigeria files tight appeal
It is up to P&ID if it has not the fund to finance its case to conclusion. Litigation cost is never ascertained nor recognised until the conclusion of case and the amount is approved by the Court.
2 P&ID $9.6bn judgement debt, a conspiracy to swindle Nigeria
Looking at the Process & Industrial Development Limited (P&ID) case against Nigeria Government at a glance, even as a layman, you will notice that it is a highly, well organised and sophisticated type of advance fee fraud (419).
3 Absence of Restructuring Continue to Exacerbate Nigeria Problems (Part 3)
The main problems in our Education are poor administration, fund mismanagement, strikes and drawback by the North. For the Minister of Education to be able to perform very well he/she must be one with excellent academic record from secondary school to...
4 Absence of Restructuring Continue to Exacerbate Nigeria Problems (Part 2)
In Buhari's first term, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Minister were the weakest link in his Government. Buhari appointed a relatively young, comparatively inexperienced and a non politician as the Minister of Finance. In our country, Nigeria, age...
5 Absence of Restructuring Continue to Exacerbate Nigeria Problems (Part 1)
On Britain's departure from Nigeria at independence on 1st October 1960, the colonialist left some awkward and imbalanced structures behind. It was then incumbent upon us as a country to restructure the awkward and imbalanced structures....
6 Nigeria's 84 million registered voters render her population figure inaccurate
In 2006, if the collected data were honestly collated, the population figure would have been far less than 140 million. The projected population figure as at today would have been far less than the acclaimed 198 million. Within twelve years, 2006 - 2018,...
7 Buhari's re-election is much doubtful, the alternative
The future of Nigeria in the current geographical configuration depends on the outcome of the 2019 general election.
8 Evaluation of Nigeria fictional population figure -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Although many reasons have been adduced for not conducting national census in 2016, the actual reasons are; President Buhari does not want to be seen bringing about fictitious or inflating population figure as the previous Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)...
9 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Restructuring Momentum (Part 2)
Nigeria should become a two-party state of APC and PDP. Within this, there should be permission for individual independent candidates of not more than two per elective seat. The term of office of the Government should be 5 years. The system of the...
10 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The sub-optimality of CBNs BVN in a supposed APC government Part 2
The Bank Verification Number (BVN) of the CBN, as it turned out and being interpreted, transcends just pure banking control mechanism. The measure was not thought through. It was not necessary. It is another wasted project. Were the then People Democratic...

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