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61 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - After recession: What next for Nigeria?
The Nigerian plane, carrying our wealth of over five decades has crashed. The Ship, carrying our Oil, Cocoa, Groundnut, and Rubber has capsized, and our vintage, luxury (one of a kind) car of Corruption is wrecked. What a waste of all these God endowed...
62 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Nigerians are no longer Suffering and Smiling
If what Nigeria is going through now will not yield positive results of bringing us to change our ways (values) then there may afterwards be NO light at the end of the tunnel for Nigeria. This will be a bizarre end to our beautiful nation.
63 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Project Nigeria revisited
I have further come up with a thesis that it may be in the process of Nigeria being forced together, that corruption crept in, took its roots and grew so phenomenally, to the level of becoming as pervasive as it is today. Everybody now wants to scoop its...
64 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Rejoinder to the Open Letter to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
I feel compelled to react to this beautiful write up by a noble statesman in the person of Retired General Adebayo Adeyinka, a former Military Governor of Western Nigeria. That letter was very well researched, crafted and ably presented. Talking about...
65 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Open Letter of Appreciation and Commendation to our Respected Royal Fathers: Alafin of Oyo and Ooni of Ife
The magnanimity of the great Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Olayiwola Adeyemi, which was displayed by his genuine warm welcome of the Ooni, showed in no incontrovertible terms, that we (the Yoruba people) are indeed one.
66 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Education and public enlightenment in Nigeria's development
No one is in doubt that Nigeria is not static. Nigeria is certainly exploding in population and growing in many aspects, some of which are unfortunately negative. Could this really be termed an explosion or an implosion? Regardless of what the reality is,...
67 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - An Advance Open Letter to the new Minister of Education
Sometimes it is difficult to clearly define or delineate what is wrong with our educational system. The problems are quite complex in nature, as I will try to present them as 'questions', needing answers and solutions.
68 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Taking the War on Corruption a step further: The urgent role of education
From the vibrations and the buzz surrounding the recent 'delay' in the appointment of Ministers (as perceived in certain quarters), I have found out that many Nigerians may not be as serious about the war against corruption as one would have expected or as...
69 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 100 Days in Office: The Buhariphobia impacts
An assessment of days in office by PMB at this time, can at best be based on the Buhariphobia waves which have swept through out Nigeria. The potency and effectiveness of this phobia has kept everybody under check and sanitized our dear country. Things...
70 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Bye bye to corruption in Nigeria
I was alarmed when I saw the title of an article last week which reads 'Nobody in Nigeria is Corrupt'. I almost collapsed! If nobody in Nigeria is corrupt, as the caption reads, then we all have to sing Halleluiah to God in appreciation and congratulate...

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