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1 An Open Letter to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State and Governor Gboyega Oyetola of Osun State
WE THE PEOPLE OF OYO AND OSUN STATES OF NIGERIA are embarking on this rescue mission for and on behalf of the current students and Alumni of LAUTECH, Workers and Lecturers of LAUTECH and finally the well-wishers of the 'Noble' State (Osun) and of the...
2 Rescuing LAUTECH: A task that is long overdue
One then wonders why the LAUTECH issue has refused all humanly possible solutions to date between the two brother States of Osun and Oyo. Why should it be made to look like the Institution has been jinxed and dying?
3 Okadamania: The case of over-subscribed transportation system (PHOTOS)
This writer has researched into the myths and realities of the Okada in the modern Nigerian societies and found it be more in the negative than positive. The following have been found to be some of the advantages, disadvantages and suggestions for a sane...
4 Ownership of First Technical University, Ibadan
It is total rubbish to say that 'Oyo State has no financial input'. Notwithstanding this attempt to diminish our great pacesetter State, the sky should still be the limit for the new University....
5 Inheriting a bad legacy without incuring the wrath of the people
The incumbents and those stepping into their shoes after periods in offices are admonished to remember that all offices are never permanent. The temporariness of all offices is the only thing which can be guaranteed and hence the need to tread softly while...
6 GSM moving Oyo State forward
The question which the Oyo State people are now asking is 'what innovations and legacy will GSM leave behind for Oyo State?' ... Oyo State had always been reputed for her innovative accomplishments.
7 What is the problem with Nigeria?
"I have often wondered why Nigeria and many Nigerians are always in search of the worthless. Running and chasing one problem or another and moving around in circles like in a maze or in an endless loop.
8 A revisit of the registration of political parties in Nigeria
It is no more news that Politics has become the number one business in Nigeria. ... Whoever has the responsibility of de-registration (INEC or NASS) should set the machinery in motion immediately to allow for the successful collapse and mergers of the...
9 Oyo State in the web of two engineer politicians
In actual fact, there are more than two Engineers involved in the multilayered sandwich scenario. ... The Oyo State Governor-elect is an Engineer, the Deputy Governor-elect is an Engineer, the incoming Oyo State First Lady is an Engineer and many Senior...
10 News --
Column: Neither Buhari nor Atiku is greater than Nigeria HEADLINE | Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2019 Neither Buhari nor Atiku is greater than Nigeria Niran Adedokun; The obscene incident at the presidential campaign of the All...

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