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21 LAUTECH revisited!
With its current fate, it is a foregone conclusion that the vision and the intentions of the founding fathers of LAUTECH as a Technical Knowledge and Innovation-driven State University, may have been wilfully defeated.
22 Osun: Challenging our leaders
Let us come back to Osun, where Gboyega Oyetola has finally unveiled his cabinet. All things considered, that the appointees are outshining one another in 'Owambe' celebratory mood is understandable.
23 Our Governor, who art in Osun!
There are those who would argue that history has within one year left compelling tinctures on Oyetola as a brilliant administrator who could use his vast experience to rehabilitate Osun's socio-economic pass.
24 Yakubu Gowon's sermon
Gowon was in Osun State with his 'Nigeria Prays' team recently and the message was that of peace and stability of Nigeria. He came here to assure us that, our predicament notwithstanding, what has gone wrong can be remedied only if we can pray.
25 Between Atiku's gaffe and Adeleke's allocutus
Atiku Abubakar and Adedeji Adeleke are two particularly angry Nigerians and their anger is well-placed!
26 Osun: Now that the strife is over!
At this stage, the 'excuse' of lingering governorship litigation awaiting adjudication is no longer an issue! Coincidentally, some quarters have become infested with the notion that he [Gov Oyetola] is already moving fast too slowly; and that is not too...
27 News --
Comment: South-West security and our governors' dilemma HEADLINE | Posted: Wednesday, July 3, 2019 South-West security and our governors' dilemma The Osun Economic and Investment Summit, previously scheduled to take place between June 25 and 27,...
28 Southwest security and our governors' dilemma
Nigerians expect President Muhammadu Buhari to proactively degrade this sense of shame that is currently troubling our Israel before he returns to Daura with his 'reputation of integrity' in 2023. But then, history has shown without fail that the Southwest...
29 Osun economic summit is serious business!
There are big issues on ground to be addressed for any summit of the shape and size being contemplated by the state to be meaningful. So, it will do the organisers a great deal of good if they focus their attention more on the ball, not to embellish it...
30 Microfinance banks and NIPOST's core mandate
These rural dwellers are predominantly smallholder farmers, artisans, traders, street hawkers, house-helps and other low-income earners whose economic activities are seldom captured in the finance matrix and statistics of the national economy. They are not...

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