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11 Insecurity: Where do we go from here?
President Buhari's expression of 'surprise at the upsurge in Boko Haram attacks' ... evealed tons of truth that are buried! The president became surprised because the reality on ground checkmated his thoughts and understanding of Nigeria's cosmos.
12 Needless controversy over Amotekun!
Without doubt, events in the last couple of years have shown that the Buhari-led government has not been doing enough to protect Nigerians, which was a premise responsible for former President Goodluck Jonathan's journey back to Otuoke on March 28, 2015.
13 Is President Buhari mismanaging Nigeria?
Staying with the philosophy of nationhood, that Buhari's erstwhile persuasive 'body language' has failed Nigerians says a lot about the conspicuous challenges of the Nigerian state as a chronically ill society with patronage, patrimony and preference.
14 Nigeria: From Egypt to Egypt?
Those who are familiar with the history of the Israelites will understand why their story in the wilderness will not be complete without a mention of how, at a stage, they had preferred being 'slaves in Egypt'....
15 Again, who killed Bola Ige?
In Jane Mayer's view, 'nothing predicts future behavior as much as past impunity.'
16 NIPOST, FIRS and Stamp Duty Collection
Let FIRS be informed that, until the Acts of Parliament that established NIPOST are changed, nothing can alter the situation on ground.
17 Osun: Now that we have the 7th Assembly!
From time to time, the executive arm will surely need expedited favours from the state legislature. But, while it is beautiful and desirable for the latter to be in agreeable and collaborative terms with the former, Osun will be better with a House that is...
18 Money Politics: Nigeria's delicate delicacy
Today, if you ask anybody who is a member of a political party in Nigeria how much he or she has contributed to the purse of his or her party, the response will certainly shock you.
19 Emir Sanusi's lamentation!
Sanusi II recently told a moving story of how a mother watched her sick child die while waiting to ask the Emir for financial assistance, because she could not afford to buy prescribed drugs of N3000.00, which, in context, was less than $10.
20 News -- State varsities face hard times as governors cut subventions
HEADLINE | Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2019 State varsities face hard times as governors cut subventions Some universities are glorified secondary schools, says ASUU president No project executed at UNIOSUN during Aregbesola's tenure - Lecturers...

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