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31 Dear Nakia of Wakanda, let's talk about Chibok and Dapchi girls -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Nakia, and just in case you can reach Amina in the land of make-believe, we really need deliverance for northern Nigerian girls who are caught between avaricious leaders and rabid terrorists.
32 The cost of a bag of rice -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
You rationalize, whether you get your own bag of rice or walk away, those politrickians will loot the treasury so why not get your piece of the pie. God knows it's the only piece you'd see.
33 It's all about education policy: How do you know a candidate will be good for the Community -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Arguably, those who have little or no education are unlikely to invest in it.
34 Dear Imported Beau, I am an American Nigerian -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Do not confuse this with a Nigerian American who is first a Nigerian then an American.
35 Forget the government, what about the citizens? -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
A video circulating on WhatsApp which I received it six times because people thought I should be well informed ;) (See here), shows a primary school in Edo State during a rainstorm.
36 A leader writes -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Beyond the noise of the soundbite, writing penetrates the minds and hearts of the populace. Written words are the footprints a leader leaves in the sands of time.
37 In the Presence of my Enemies: The Cost of Distrust -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
After much rigmarole, a friend shared her desire to move to Maryland. ... What she didn't say was she didn't want her 'friends' nosing around in her business. They might stir her away from areas where they're doing well themselves for fear of competition....
38 This is Nigeria, Everybody be criminal - Falz -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Take a minute, an hour, a day - to think, to brainstorm ways to resolve these seemingly intractable problems in Nigeria. When done, tell me how Bukola Saraki continues to Senate President despite the incontrovertible evidence of his connection to criminal...
39 How things grow -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
An egg becomes a chicken; a drop of rain becomes a flood; flood water becomes a river; an egg becomes a chicken. ...I learnt this poem in primary school and it details how things grow....
40 Only God's Children can save Nigeria -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
While saying, 'only God can help Nigeria,' is not new, it is a negative approach to the issues on the ground.

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