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11 I'll fix Nigeria in a day and other Politricks
Tis the season for make-believe when reality is suspended in favor of fantasy. Old codgers become spry, villains become saints, and politicians peddle howling whoppers to masses swathed in euphoric amnesia.
12 Commoditization of Nigerian Lives
The was on her way from Kano to Abuja. Suddenly, her bus was surrounded by armed men who demanded all passengers alight. In broad daylight, they were marched into the bush....
13 Of Yoruba Demons and Angels
As I was planning to leave the country, the patriarch of my mother's line called me into his presence. 'Don't go abroad and lose your mind. Don't marry anyone we cannot trace his ancestry,' he admonished.
14 I didn't come to America to live in Nigeria
Anyone coming to your house recognizes it by the unkempt state of lawn and garden, broken-down car in driveway, and general look of neglect. You don't see that things can be changed nor move to improve them.
15 The Best Nigerian Association, Ever!
I had the privilege of hosting Nigerians United in Nebraska's annual Christmas party last Saturday. It was lit!
16 When adults are delinquent…
Uncle announced to his children, 'You will become who you're meant to be in life whether I do anything or not. God will what he will do!' True to his beliefs, he spent no kobo training those children.
17 Like followers, like leaders or a thief before elections
Random videos circulating this week paint a disturbing picture of everyday Nigerians. A young woman stole N8.8 million from customer's account, a youth slaughters a boy for money ritual, another robbed....
18 L'etat, C'est Moi: The impact of narcissism in Nigerian politics
He stood on the balcony of a two-story building looking down at the crowd. 'If you love him,' he admonished, 'I'd like you to repeat what I'm saying, '... Anayo Rochas Okorocha, the governor, you're the best in the whole world!'
19 Slavery begins at Home: High Cost of Intellectual Laziness -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
It is rumored that in village meetings in the East these days, a rich man trumps an educated one and can shut the mouth of the former by slapping money on the table. The Nigerian intellectual is so marginalized in society that....
20 Slavery begins at Home: Impact of Pentecostalism -- Nigeriaworld Feature Article
Akin to the preceding, is the doctrine that God wants to prosper the believer. Pastors spend timeless moments in weekly services telling congregants God wants to bless them beyond their wildest imaginations. They make pronouncements of abundance and the...

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