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31 2019: An interesting political year (Atiku Abubakar seems prepared) (Pictorial)
Atiku and Obi, being successful businessmen, should be able the lift as many Nigerians as possible out of poverty and despair. ... Buhari has been killing jobs thereby worsening their economic condition. Buhari has wiped out the middle class in Nigeria....
32 2019: An interesting political year (Peter Obi, A Jackpot for Atiku's Campaign)
What I hate is for anybody to paint all the Igbos with the same brush because of the foolishness of a few. No tribe has the monopoly of common sense or stupidity, as there are good and bad everywhere. The Igbos, as a whole, have moved on, and they've...
33 October 23, 2018, William Bertrand opinions on education, Nigeria, and Atiku Abubakar
I have worked and lived in Africa since 1968 and have been part of developing several institutions of higher education on the continent. In no other country have I encountered a person who has dedicated so much of his personal fortune to supporting an...
34 The Atiku/Obi ticket and the Biafra Project: Any middle way?
The frenzied excitement accompanying the Atiku/Obi ticket, especially in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, I guess, is because most Igbos feel that the victory of this ticket will help exorcise the demon of Igbo marginalization in Nigeria.
35 2019: An interesting political year (Peter Obi, in a class of his own)
Peter Obi is a stellar character with intimidating credentials - almost all discerning minds are supporting his nomination because he's eminently qualified. His nomination has made Buhari and his APC timorous.
36 Ike Ekweremadu
Ike Ekweremadu may have acted fast to deny the allegation of joining APC, but he must be very careful.
37 How mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his followers could pursue their mission without putting the Igbo race to danger
I painstakingly listened to the much awaited speech by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu yesterday. He didnít disappoint me.
38 The Third Force coalition and the journey from Egypt to Egypt
The resurrected main opposition party, PDP, is gearing up to wrestle power ... from APC. But at the moment, the odds are against the party. The Obasanjo factor is still a major threat capable of sinking their boat come the 2019 presidential election.
39 Brother Buhari, 2019, and the gory of a nation
No right thinking and well-meaning Nigerian, home or abroad, will subscribe to the view that all is well with our fatherland. As it stands today, Nigeria under the leading of Pres. Muhammadu Buhari stands on the borderline of total collapse, thanks to his...
40 The changer's democracy
Who says that 2+2 still equals 4 in the now Nigeria?; Only the saints that gave us Buhari have the answer to this.; For what I see from my Southern Comfort,; Is a 2+2 that equals 22 or more, the changer's rule.

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