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241 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Too much noise and no action: Not the best way to fight corrupttion (6)
What we want from Buhari is to properly articulate his mission or a vision of the future. So, he can't tell Nigerians that he's unprepared for the task ahead.
242 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The ministerial list: Where are the "saints" promised? (1)
When Buhari asked for time to get the 'best' to serve Nigeria, we thought he was serious, but, with that list, he can't confront corruption, can't deal with sleaze and rot in the polity. This was not a thorough and sincere effort on the part of Buhari in...
243 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The ministerial list: Where are the "saints" promised? (2)
The nominees are part of what's wrong with Nigeria; and one wonders how Buhari wants Nigerians to believe that these people, the nominees, are part of the so called change, Nigeria needs. Why did he recycle old and corrupt politicians once again? Buhari...
244 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Arrest of Ms. Diezani Allison-Madueke in London: Good for Nigeria; But, that shouldn't be the last (other corrupt nigerians - northerners or southerners - should also face the same music)
That's what Nigeria wants; no matter where one is, as long as he or she is corrupt, the law will catch him/her.
245 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Old age seems to confer dishonesty instead of wisdom or sapiency in Nigeria
An event this week showed the deceitful tendencies of some Nigerians, who are called 'Elder statesmen'. It was during the public presentation of a book, 'Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria', written by one Prof. John Paden, an...
246 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - 2014: The year Nigeria would not forget in a hurry (6)
Who is telling the truth? One thing is for sure: The terrorists do follow the same pattern everytime. When the real Shekau was killed in 2013, his followers did the same by claiming that he was alive and they used manipulated video to hoodwink the...
247 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Unemployment in Nigeria: “Going thirsty in the abundance of water” (3)
Nigeria imports almost everything, because, those gaining from the importations have sabotaged every effort to produce those things in Nigeria. Those who import the generating sets have been sabotaging every effort to fix the power sector and then steady...
248 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - NIGERIA @ 54: There’s still a reason to celebrate
Somebody asked this writer whether he supports the celebration of Nigeria’s independence anniversaries, and the answer was 'yes, for only one reason'.... [otherwise] Nigeria has a government of wolves because it’s a nation of sheep. The corrupt leaders...
249 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Yar’Adua’s order of “no new passport! no renewal of passport! no passport!” for el-Rufai and Ribadu, shows how low and dirty this government can go
What do Yar’Adua and his band want from Nuhu Ribadu again? They forced him out of Nigeria due to persecution, they harassed, assaulted, arrested, demoted, and humiliated him, he was nearly killed by those they unleashed on his trail, he left Nigeria for...
250 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Too much noise and no action: Not the best way to fight corrupttion (4)
Lest I forget: The former ministers also warned that 'the various lies and fabrications being peddled by some self-appointed spokespersons of the administration may entertain the unwary, but such sensationalism may achieve the unintended effect of...

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